Dreaming of John…

I’m going to say something crazy right now. I am aware it’s a bit off the wall and I am aware that it probably won’t happen, but I do think it’s worth exploring.

With trade deadline just a week away, we look at a list of UFA’s and wonder where these rent-a-players will be headed for about a dozen games or so. But when I look at the list of UFA’s and I look at the Habs number one need, I don’t find a match.

Re-Alignment for Dummies

I’m the dummy here, and I’m actually writing this post more for myself than anything. I read the press release from nhl.com today, and thought to myself “I have no idea what the hell they are talking about”.

I needed to break it down into a hypothetical situation to understand how this new format will work both in the playoffs and in the regular season.

Below is my fake results from the 2013-2014 season. No need to comment on my point allocations. I made it up, with some obvious homer points.

5 Hockey Thoughts

EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING! Or at least enough is happening to warrant a blog post that summarizes my thoughts on many things. A few are “old news” but bare with me, I have feelings to share. NHL Realignment: Without having to explain to those…

<3 Andrei Markov

Yes, the Habs are off to their best start in three years. Yes, the Habs are FINALLY fun to watch again. Yes, we did beat the Devils and Marty Brodeaur, on home ice on a Sunday (has that ever happened in the history of ever?!).

But let’s talk about Markov, and let’s talk about his OT goal last night. Was anyone else confused on how he started the play at the top of the blue line and then was suddenly by the post tapping in the winner? How did he get there? Why was he there? Cole was already standing there, but Markov stood in the better spot. The obvious conclusion, Markov sees into the future.