Habs/Bruins Pre-Season Game Preview

The Montreal Canadiens play their first exhibition game tonight against the Boston Bruins. Exhibition games mean little to me and how I perceive the upcoming season. I mean, it’s great for moral if the the Habs can win a few, but they are by no means a way to gauge how an upcoming season will look. With that said here is a very brief preview:

  • The Habs will be using Team A which consists of Sanford, Price, Spacek, Gorges, Tinordi, St. Denis, Weber, Gill, Cammalleri, Plekanec, Halpern, Moen, Dumont, Lapierre, Palushaj, Pouliot, Maxwell, Leblanc, Conboy, Pyatt
  • The Bruins will be going with Bergeron, Campbell, Caron, Horton, McGrattan, Paille, Recchi, Reich, Sauve, Seguin, Spooner, Wheeler, Bartkowski, Bodnarchuk, Boychuk, Hunwick, McQuaid, Seidenberg, Rask, Schaefer

What I will be watching for:

  • How the crowd reacts to Price.¬† No harm can be done by starting this season off with a Price Love-fest
  • Will¬† the Louie! Louie! chants be louder than the Gui!Gui! chants of 2006.
  • How Tinordi reacts to the pace of the game and how Spacek guides him
  • A good old fashioned Cammelleri one-timer from the knees!
  • Obviously looking forward to watching Tyler Sequin in his first game, but again, no as much as I look forward to seen him in a real game during the regular season

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