First Post Catch-Up

It really was only a matter of time before I started this blog. And really, the only thing stopping me was the fact that the world really truly didn’t need yet ANOTHER hockey blog, yet alone a Habs blog.

The decision came down to two things:

1- When the CBC calls me, I want to something to promote. I never get to promote anything, all the other regular “fan experts” are all over self-promotion, it’s time I get on the bandwagon!
2- I have a lot to say on the matter and my wife is tired of hearing it.

A lot has happened over the summer, and with Training Camp around the corner, this is the perfect time to start blogging. Let me just start by re-capping my thoughts on a few important topics.

On Price’s contract:

I like it. I like it a lot. Everyone is making a big deal that we could have kept Halak for an extra million.

But money isn’t the issue. It’s term. Two years is perfect. Price is still an RFA at the end of it, meaning if his intentions are to bolt from this hockey mad city, the Habs still hold some of the cards.

On Captaincy:
Does it even matter? The “C” is for the fans at this point. Jacques and company have their leadership team — we saw it in the playoffs last summer. The “C” on one man’s sweater won’t change anything in the room. A “C” doesn’t all of a sudden make one voice matter more than the other.

What it will do is paint a giant target. I really believe the Habs brass will go with someone with working knowledge of French. So who does that leave? No one really, but I think Cammy and Gorges have what it takes to learn the language and the confidence to speak it when they can.

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