I’d Rather Winnipeg

Quebec Nordiques and Winnipeg Jets logosA lot of talk in the past couple days about Quebec City, their attempts at getting funds for a new arena, and the desire for an NHL team to follow. If you build it, they will come…

…but in this case, I kinda hope they don’t. Before I get on Pauline Marois’s shit-list, let me explain why, if a seventh team comes to Canada, I’d rather it be Winnipeg over Quebec city.

Firstly, I am a proud Quebecer, born and raised. However, few things irk me in life more than Quebec separatist talk. It traumatized me as a 15-year old in 1995, and I never quite got over it.

ALREADY (and the arena isn’t even built) there is talk that bringing back the Nordiques would unify all Quebecers.  See Pierre Curzi’s lovely interview on 98.5 for more info on this stance.

Lest Curzi et al. forget this past spring when the so-called federalist Canadiens brought together ALL of Quebec in celebration (albeit a few fires, and damaged store fronts). A team in Quebec city won’t unite anything, it will only divide. It will bring back from the grave long buried hatchets.

A hockey team that will only add fuel to a almost dead fire won’t help hockey, won’t help the NHL, won’t help Quebec City and definitely won’t help Canada. If Canada does get a seventh NHL team, I want it to be a point of pride, not a political weapon.

I don’t want to start my mornings by reading about how the Nordiques have 10 francophones but the Habs only have two. I don’t want story-starved journalist to start finding storylines that revolve around some kid from Westmount who wore a Habs jersey to Nordiques home-game…he’s obviously anti-French, anti-Quebec, and should be stoned to death.

No. A team in Quebec will only hurt hockey fans. A team in Wonnipeg however…well you gotta give Manatobians something, they are the lost province after-all :)

2 comments for “I’d Rather Winnipeg

  1. Stephanie Hart
    September 20, 2010 at 3:17 pm

    True that! I’ve been living in Quebec City for the past few months and all I hear about on the radio is Nordiques, Nordiques, Nordiques. They are all convinced that the team is coming back. But no private firms are even willing to contribute to the building of the arena, so how is it possible for the team to sell corporate boxes and seats night after night? I thing Winnipeg is the better choice, after all, they desperatly need something to keep them entertained during the winter!!

    • Steph
      September 21, 2010 at 1:23 pm

      I totally agree. If the eventual owners of the team don’t want to put up cash for an arena, then they shouldn’t get a team.

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