Habs Home Game Entertainment

During my daily Habs news scour I came across this ad. Seems like we need yet another in-game host for Habs home games.

The worst part of attending a Habs game is the in-game entertainment. Especially because it usually cuts short an impromptu chant. When the whole Bell Centre erupts into a deafening Olé chant we don’t want to be stopped to watch two stupid electronic cars pretend race. We don’t want to stop our cheers to watch lame girls “exercise” for Energie Cardio, and why is it that the stupidest fan always ends up being the one chosen to guess the player?

Before I continue on this rant, let me give  a disclaimer: I am one of the lucky fans that has access to home games. I get to go to approximately 15-20 games per year thanks to a woman I call my hockey-fairy-god-mother (more about her in a later post). So perhaps if I had driven four hours from some small northern city to come to see my beloved hockey team, I would be a bit more appreciative.

Back to the rant: The sounds of the game are what make live hockey so exciting. The skates cutting through the cold ice, the sound]s of a big hit off a the boards, and even the thump a puck makes when it’s stop dead by a goalie’s pad. The added noise made by a twenty-some year old girl screeching about making noise ruins the authenticity of the moment. I don’t care who the cutest kid in the audience is, and I am especially uncomfortable watching two people awkwardly kiss.

What I do love is a good opposing goalie jeer. Nothing gets me going like a unified chant of THEO, THEO, THEO. And the ol’ Wave still gives me a thrill.

All this to say, if any member of the Montreal Canadiens in-game entertainment department ever reads this, PLEASE for the love of the game, put an end to forcing fans to cheer for a blue car that means nothing to us.

I am all for entertainment between periods. I love watching the TimBits play 10-a-side hockey. And who doesn’t love catching a t-shirt from a cannon? The reason those activities work is because they don’t distract from the main event, the hockey game.

I know what the rebuttal of this piece will be – “at least we don’t have cheerleaders”. And you’re right, at least we haven’t fallen to that level..YET. I don’t think we are far off though, and that’s what scares me. In the midst of trying to sell the game to more then just crazed hockey fans, we’ve taken away from the value of the game by distracting the casual fan with bells and whistles.

The NHL game is fast, it’s hard and it’s exciting. Tone down the glitz and let the game speak for itself.

…and no, I’m not 65 years old, I just rant like I am :)

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