Jeff-wha? Halpa-who?

It’s true – yesterday the Habs signed yet another forward where I had to get on Google to find out who he is. It’s not that I don’t follow players outside of the Habs, it’s just that there are anywhere between 600 and 700 active players, and Jeff Halpern just happens to be one of them.

So I did my research, watched the YouTube videos, read other bloggers comments, and this is my conclusion: Why not Metro? Was Metropolit looking for more than Halpern’s $600,000? Maybe. Swiss league salaries aren’t disclosed so I can’t compare the Halpern contract to Metropolit’s Swiss League contract.

Both are about the same age (Helpern 34, Metropolit 36). Neither are renown goal scorers, but both are defensively responsible and can pot them when it counts. Both are known as team guys who can bring a level head to the locker room.

Why Halpern and not Metropolit? As far as I understand it, Metro wasn’t even offered a contract. Would he have taken $600 000? I think he would have. Was it term? Halpern was offered one year, but the Swiss League gave Metropolit two years. He has a family and I am sure a semblance of stability is sought after by players with families.

I loved the Metropolit story, I loved his toothless smile, and the utter joy he displayed every time he was on the ice. Here’s hoping Halpern fills the hole Metropolit left.

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