Morning After – Coyotes

I know…I know..I missed a post. I never wrote about the 3-0 win over Ottawa. But it was the weekend, I had two hockey games myself, plus my spouse and I have started looking at real estate so I was busy with that. Not an excuse, but there you have it.

Let’s talk about last night though! Firstly, I watched the game on the new TSN Alternate (whatever that means). I have no feelings either way, it was just fun to watch the game on another channel. However,  I was treated to former Hab Mike Johnson’s colour commentary. Any of you remember him? He played for a single season in 2006/2007 . He wore #20 and I think I was the only Mike Johnson fan in the entire city. I don’t know why, I just really dug him and I always wondered what had happened to him.

Well, based on his new gig  he isn’t  playing hockey anymore. Turns out that after his stint with the Habs, he played 21 games for the Blues and then took off  for the German League. It’s a bit sad, he basically pulled the hockey equivalent of bottoming out of the Lithuanian porn industry.

But..back to the fastest game of October hockey I’ve ever seen. How about that third period stretch where there was no whistle for something like 12-minutes! ? How about Lars Eller been put on during OT and assisting on Kostitsyn’s goal? How about the powerplay goal? I honestly thought the Habs would never score a powerplay goal again. But, the keen observers amongst us would have noticed the Martin changed up the powerplay lines and configurations a little bit. Gionta was on with Cammalleri and Plekanec for a bit. Subban was playing the right side with Hammerlik on the left. At least Martin realizes that despite his best media responses, the powerplay wasn’t (isnt?) working, and changes need to be made. Also, I’ve decided to add a tag called “powerplay goal”. On the right hand side of the screen, you will see my tag cloud. Every time the Habs score a powerplay goal I will add that tag to my post, the idea being that we will visually be able to see whether the powerplay starts working or not.

I said before that I wasn’t ready to jump on the Kostitsyn bandwagon just yet…but, I think I am close. And it’s not because of this 3 goals in two games, or 8 points in 8 games. It’s because the smile he flashed after scoring the OT winner spoke volumes about his head space and how is feeling this year. He flashed a smile that is comparable to Metropolit’s, and it’s a smile I’ve rarely seen on his face. I think he’s having fun this year, and I hate to say it, but maybe his little brother was the source of all his problems? I can’t imagine what else could cause such a huge change in play and attitude. Yes, it is a contract year, but I don’t want to be cynical. I want to be a romantic and feel that without the weight of his lost little brother, Andrei is able to flourish and become the player the Habs drafted ahead of Parise, Carter and Getzlaf, etc..


The week ahead

While fans everywhere are ecstatic that the Canadiens  now sit on the top of their division, and are third in the conference,  I like measuring performance in 10 game intervals, so nothing in my head is accomplished yet. I look forward to playing Long Island twice this week and Florida on Saturday. The easy schedule can only build confidence and momentum, and that is really what this game is all about. Plus, Chris Higgins (0-0-0) makes a visit, and I always like seen former Habs I never liked come back to the Bell Centre only to realize that they could have had it all but instead chose to party it away and destroy their career (bitter much?).

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