Morning After – Islanders

My ball hockey team lost 5-2 yesterday, so I was in a bad mood when I got home. There’s issues with my team, no concept of team play, no talking on the “ice” (floor?), and no “puck” support.

We are the EXACT opposite of the Montreal Canadiens and the game they played last night. The way the Habs are playing right now epitomize team play. I have just a few points about the game last night:

Habs surpass speed limit

  • Firstly, I watched the game on TSN last night, and I have to question why McGuire feels the need to add a “y” at the end of every player’s first name –  Johnny Tavares, Tommy Pyatt, Dougie Weight… I know he likes to think he’s BFF’s with the entire NHL, but the famliliarty he uses when calling a game is awkward. I feel like he’s name dropping the whole time…
  • Subban! Twist to the left, twist to the right, pass, shoot, score! I loved the play he started for the 2nd goal, and I equally love how in the next sequence he was a defensive-superman
  • Mr. Lars Eller is looking good. I like the slow approach Habs management is taking with his development. Could it be they’ve finally learned from their mistakes?
  • Moen should send Plekanec a thank-you card for the goal he literally gave him on his stick
  • Alright…I’m on the AK bandwagon. Yes, it was an empty net goal, but he caused the turnover, and he released a super-quick and super-accurate shot mid-turn around

Can’t wait until Friday for the Islanders again – I love when the schedule gives us little mini-series likes these!


PS and a quick edit: I like the girls I play with. We just aren’t gelling as a team…

2 comments for “Morning After – Islanders

  1. HeatherB
    October 28, 2010 at 10:38 am

    Yo Steph! I’ll be at the Habs/Islanders game on Friday in Long Island….
    I’ll be rooting for them, even though i might get beaten up.

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