Thanks for Nothin’ NYI

While the world waits in baited breath for the Cammy-decision, I thought I’d discuss the pitifull showing by the New York Islanders on Saturday Night’s game.

Sadly, I couldn’t watch the game as I was at a birthday party that involved bad Mexican food and even worse mini-putt. I was however able to get to a radio and listen to as Plekanec, Pouliot and finally Eller score in what was a 7-2 win.

Here’s what I didn’t know as I listened with excitement to the game:

  • The New York Islanders were also playing the New Jerey Devils
  • The New York Islanders circumvented the 8-man NHLer rule by putting 5 guys on professional contract try-out on the ice

Can someone out there explain to me how one hockey team was scheduled to play two hockey games in two different cities in one single night?

And so faced with the strange task of having to play in two different cities, the single team of the New York Islanders split into what will be known as Team NHL Caliber and Team PeeWee. The Devils faced Team NHL Caliber while the Habs got the leftovers.

Do you know how many fans attended the Devils game? 7,000!!! That is less than half the amount that attended the game held in Quebec City where NHL hungry fans clamoured at their chance to see some NHL hockey. While they did get to watch hockey, I wouldn’t call what they saw a typical NHL game.

While that was a fun way to end the pre-season, it sure didn’t help anyone looking to work out those final kinks.

Does anyone know if this 2 games in one night scenario has happened before? Honestly I am boggled at the scheduling….

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