Dear Hockey Gods…

Tonight is the last night where I don’t care about what’s on TV. It’s the last night that I don’t check my phone compulsively for scores and updates.  Tonight is the last night I can honestly look in the mirror and say I am a good partner and a good spouse. Because starting tomorrow, 3 out of my 7 evenings will be pre-occupied with something I have no control over and no real stake in. Yet somehow it will overtake me and I will be lost until April (or god-willing, June).

So much of myself will become invested in something that, in the grand scheme of life, actually matters very little. The only thing I can do about the outcome is to wish and pray. So tonight, before I lay my head to sleep, I will look up at my cracked ceiling and make the following wishes for the team and sport I love so much.

Dear hockey gods:

  1. If Carey Price is deemed healthy enough to play, please let him go through the first period without a goal. It will be the confidence booster all us viewers need and want to see.
  2. Please please please let Ryan O’Byrne have more hits the Mike Komisarek (it’s a wish list..anything is possible!)
  3. Please let us score on the Power Play, I can’t bare to hear the after-game commentariat go on and on and on about how without Markov we have no PP.
  4. Whatever happens, please don’t let Grabovski get on the score sheet.
  5. No injuries..not in this first game!.
  6. I’d like to come home with at least a split in these first two road games, but it would be ideal that they come home to Guy Boucher and the Lightning 2-0 and not 0-2.
  7. Can we open the new Pittsburgh arena like the way we closed out the Mellon arena? Or is that asking too much?

I’m going to leave it at a Lucky 7 wishes…even though I did have a couple more in mind (something to the effect of Eller getting on the scoreboard, just in case Halak comes out blazing). Tomorrow night I will be at my favorite hockey-watching spot with my favorite hockey-watching people, hoping the hockey gods heard my pleas and are willing to throw us a bone.

Go habs go!

1 comment for “Dear Hockey Gods…

  1. Emily Smith
    October 7, 2010 at 8:07 am

    Can’t argue with any of those wishes. I hate losing to Toronto more than anything.
    Here’s to a great season.
    Go Habs go!!!

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