Who needs 3D when you’ve got Rick Rypien

Just a quick post about Canucks Rick Rypien’s assault on a fan last night. Everywhere you go, you see media companies trying to sell sports fans the ultimate experience, mic’d skaters, 3D televisions, fan all-star voting, etc.. Last night a Wild fan at the Canucks-Wild game literally got into the game when Canucks forward Rick Rypian reached out, grabbed and then shoved him. The fan in question did nothing but sarcastically clap at Rypien for fighting and also grabbing at linesman.

I was going to write about how I think Rypien needs at least a 20 game suspension, if not assault charges brought against.
But..that’s all very serious talk and I am not in the mood for serious. Instead I spent my lunch hour creating a little something for the NHL Marketing department. You’re welcome NHL….

History Will Be Made: Rick Rypien

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