Sabres/Habs Live Game Review

I went to my first game of the season last night, and what a bore! My intent was to be all journalistic-like and take wild photographs that depicted the action. Turns out I am much too busy actually watching the game to do much photographing.

I was able to snap a few of the warm-up however:

Notice the amazing new foam finger that the Canadien’s Boutique is selling. They go for $30 a pop, but they are amazing. I will be the proud owner of one before the season’s end.

Notice the guy wearing a Blue’s Halak shirt. COME ON!!! The Blues weren’t even playing – it was a Habs/Sabres game. I was a Halak fan too, but I’ve moved on…the worst part? He wasn’t the only one. I even saw one guy in a full-fledge jersey! Those cost over $150 PLUS the name and number, that’s a lot of money to spend on making a point.

5 Thoughts on the Game

  1. O’Byrne needs to step it up. Picard was way more stable on defense then he was.  At this point O’Byrne is battling with Picard for the 7th d-man position
  2. PK needs to stop making his team go on the PK. I heard Subban had a lot of penalty minutes in the AHL, so he needs to get his anger on the ice under control.
  3. Pouliot impressed me last night. One of the shinning stars in an otherwise VERY boring game. He is able to whip off a shot very quickly. I’m back on the Pouliot band-wagon
  4. I was hoping for a little more ceremony surrounding Gionta’s first time on the ice with the “C”…sadly they only showed the video that is already up on the Montreal Canadiens site
  5. The power play. I know, Jaques Martin keeps re-iterating that without two full PP lines it’s hard to make a judgement. But one would have expected at least on goal on the many 5 on 3’s the Habs earned this pre-season

2 comments for “Sabres/Habs Live Game Review

  1. October 1, 2010 at 3:56 pm

    Keep up the great work, Steph. Go, Habs, Go! :-)

    • Steph
      October 1, 2010 at 5:04 pm

      Thanks Andy…much appreciated :)

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