A Shocking Holiday Hockey Weekend

Lots of hockey this weekend, including a GREAT win by the Habs over the Penguins.  Poor Fleury and friends, I’m sure the only thing they wanted for Thanksgiving was a win over the Habs, and with two minutes to go, it looked like it was in the bag.

Well…Cammalleri gets two, Fleury let’s in a softie,we get stellar goaltending and Crosby is held off the score sheet. What month is this again? May?

As great as that win was, I don’t want to talk about the Montreal Canadiens today, I want to talk about two crazy incidents that happened yesterday:

1- The Devils dressing 15 skaters
2- The ‘ol b.j. gesture by Islanders defenseman James Wisniewski

First things first – 15 skaters??? Really?  What’s going on Lou? We can now add this 3-1 loss to the list of things Kovalchuk has cost this team. It’s only because because the Devils are so close to the cap ceiling that they weren’t able to fill the spots of injured players. If I were a Devils fan I’d be losing my mind over this. Wasn’t the addition of Kovalchuk supposed to bring the team up a notch and make them Stanley Cup contenders?

I feel as though Kovalchuk put something in Lou’s water bottle and ever since last year’s trade deadline it has been bad decision after bad decision for the New Jersey Devil’s GM. Lamoriello basically mocked the NHL’s minimum number of 18 skaters and 2 goalies, except in the case of emergencies. I guess Ilya Kovalchuk’s desire to make $10-million a season qualifies as an emergency nowadays.

The best part? Lamoriello said he wouldn’t hesitate do this again if necessary. I’m sure Devil’s fans everywhere are thrilled with that declaration.


Second – the Wisniewski Affair.

I was sipping a latté and enjoying a bagel-lox at Gascogne when I decided to check my Twitter account. It was all a flutter with messages about this mysterious Wisniewski gesture directed at Sean Avery. No one mentioned what it was, and every article only referred to it as “obscene”. FINALLY, this morning, when I got to a desktop computer I was  able to YouTube it.This “obscene” gesture that no one in the media seemed able to name was nothing but a good old fashioned cock-sucking motion. Yes, I said it, and I can say it because I’m just a girl on the internet.

Maybe I am too crass myself, but I really don’t get the big deal. It’s not like Wisniewski pulled down his pants, kicked Avery down and made him suck on it. Actually, when I finally got to see the video, I laughed out loud. It was the slow motion replay, over and over and over again, that made me lose it. And, of all guys to be on the receiving end of such a gesture, I’m pretty sure Avery is the guy who could handle it.

Here…check it out for yourself if you haven’t seen it already, I think you will agree with me that it is actually a little bit funny :)

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