Week 1: Great Success

According to my Fantasy Pool, the first week of NHL hockey is complete (it was actually 10 days, October 7 to October 17, but whatever…). The Habs are 3-1-1, the Leafs are 4-0 and Pittsburgh can only win a game when Fleury isn’t in goal. My oh my how the tables have turned.

I loved the hockey I saw from the Canadiens over the weekend, but then again, I have loved the hockey they’ve been playing since April. Before the season started it seemed like every hockey pundit out there was bent on reminding the Habs fan base that despite their Eastern Conference Final appearence, the Habs only sneaked into the playoffs by a point. Their big question to the Canadiens and to the fans was “which team is the real Montreal Canadiens?”.

Based on this excellent first week, I am going to go ahead and say the Playoff Canadiens are the Real Canadiens. Down 2 goals? No biggie, we’ll score 3 goals. No Markov? No problem, we’ll score 5 on 5. Spacek has lost his mind? That’s cool, Picard, Subban, Hamrlik, Gorges and Gill will pick up his slack. Our playoff goalie superstar got traded? No worries, Carey Price is playing like that thoroughbred Gainey thought he was.

But, before I  go ahead and take back everything I ever said about Andrei Kostitsyn –  let’s wait a few weeks and see if he can keep this up. I’m not trying to slag on a guy who really has picked up his game, it’s just that if Andrei is famous for anything, it’s his inconsistency.  I hope he keeps it up, but I don’t want to jump on the AK bandwagon just yet.

Things I am thankful for after “a week” of hockey:

  • That the  Devils overzealous spending and disrespect for the spirit of the CBA has come to haunt them in the form of a really lousy start
  • That I went on record saying I believe Carey Price will have an AMAZING start (I love it when I am publicly right!)
  • That the 2010 playoff run did something to our Montreal Canadiens and their team play is now one of the best in the league
  • That Jaques Martin seems to be using a different approach with his young stars. Yes, I know he benched Eller, but he went on record saying that he did it because he didn’t want to destroy Eller’s confidence by keeping him in a game where he was obviously struggling. Basically Martin wanted to stop the bleeding
  • That the Montreal Canadiens can win without Markov in the line up. I love Markov, but I didn’t like that our team was so dependent on him to do well and win

Can’t wait until Thursday! I wish the schedule maker wouldn’t leave 5-day gaps in the season, but hopefully the Habs use these days to practice actually scoring on the powerplay!

2 comments for “Week 1: Great Success

  1. October 18, 2010 at 6:45 pm

    Spacek HAS lost his mind. Other than that, it was a nice weekend.

    • Steph
      October 19, 2010 at 9:02 am

      Would it be wrong to bench him?? Ugh, I hate that vetrans get to play like crap with almost no repercussion.

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