A Low End Split

Yes, the Habs won one and lost one, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say they split the back to back games. The Buffalo win was by hair, and they came up very very short at home against the Senators.

A few disclaimers before I continue:

  1. I am in Toronto visitng my non sports loving  sister-in-laws. Lucklily my old college roomate lives in T-Dot and has the Center Ice package so I was able watch the Friday night game.
  2. Thank god for the internet,  because that was my only source for Saturday night’s game. But a blurry computer feed interruprted by a 4-year old nephew (more about him this week), doesn’t make for an easy game watching atmosphere

But with that said, even a non-hockey fan could tell you that the Habs weren’t the dominant team on either night. Since the begining of the Giomez -fiasco, I have advocated putting Andrei Kostisyn on their line to get things going. That experiment did not work on Friday night (albeit, Plekanec wasn’t around to boost the Cammalleri line), and the experiment was called off for Saturday night.

As an arm-chair coach, and average recreational player, I have this advice to offer: Let’s just start all over. Put the defense pairings and the first two line combos back to how they were on the first game of the season. Yes, the Pouliot, Halpern, Darche line is working, but that shouldn’t be your best line two nights in a row. Let’s get a scoring Pouliot up with Giomez and watch the puck start going in the net.

I don’t have anything to say about the powerplay except, WTF. I will not, and cannot jump on the Marc-Andre Bergeron bandwagon (which is probably why L’Antichambre hasn’t come calling). I don’t know. I am not a powerplay expert, and I don’t have enough playing experience to decively say what I think is wrong, but holy cow, I cannot believe how bad it is.

Goaltending: Very happy with Price. But on a non-Habs note, I am very happy with Jaro Halak. How can you not be happy for this guy! 6 wins in a row, 3 shutouts, and making the St-Louis Blues a top team in the West. Good for him. I have never been so happy for an ex-Hab, and I wish him continued success. I don’t care that the guy they traded him for was a healthy scratch, because as I’ve said before, it was actually a trade between Halak and Plekanec. We couldn’t have kept both, and the guy we did keep is having a mighty good start to the season.

Some of you may have noticed that my fancy little photos that accompanied each story have disappeared. This is because my computer died last week, and I have yet to reintall Photoshop on my new computer. But fret not, I will reinstall, and I will get back to adding some visual stimulation to this blog.

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