Max Pac Gotta Keep his Mouth Shut!

For those that didn’t hear it, Max Pacioretty went on the Team 990 and basically said that he wants to spend the season in Hamilton because he doesn’t like the way Jacques Martin coaches.

Alright…who is in charge of this young man, and why isn’t someone coaching him on making media appearances?

  • He blames the Montreal coaching staff for him keeping his head down and taking hits
  • He  says he had the best camp he ever had and doesn’t understand why he was sent down early (ummm, check the tapes Max, you were okay at best)
  • He said didn’t like being relegated to the fourth line for his mistakes..he felt he got worse at hockey last year because of the knocks to his confidence
  • He says he likes it when he can learn from mistakes by himself and not have someone tell him
  • He said he was in the doghouse whenever he made a mistake last year – it’s not a Montreal thing, it’s a Jacques Martin thing!

Aye yai yai….

Mr Pacioretty: you are entitled to feel your feelings, and think what you want. I am not going to sit here and debate your points, but silly young man, you cannot go on Montreal radio, let alone the  Tony Marinaro’s show, and make the comments you did.

Tony Marinaro totally lead him down this road, and Max Pacioretty took the bait. He took the bait hard and now he will suffer the dire consequences.

Right now, this interview is ALL over Twitter. This conversation will headline the French newspapers tomorrow, and his words will be heard by the coaching staff he is criticizing.

I can understand why Max Pacioretty is frustrated, but he should either get a therapist, call his best friend, call his mother, or start journaling. Do not, I repeat, do not, under any circumstances get on the radio and start bitching.

Ugh…anyhow…I hope this does blow over and we don’t have another Sergei Kostitsyn on our hands. I hope Max Pacioretty is on the phone with his agent, or whoever, and forming a plan to minimize the damage, but mostly I hope we haven’t wasted yet another 1st round pick.

By the way, you can listen to the interview here.

PS: The lines at this mornings practise are: Eller w/ Pleky, Cammy. Gomez w/ Kostitsyn Gionta.  At this point I would like to thank Jacques Martin for reading my humble opinions :)

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