Montreal IS better than Toronto

It’s true…when it comes to sports, Montreal is just a better city than Toronto. We shut them out Friday in hockey, and the score wasn’t even close in the Eastern CFL semi-final yesterday. But, that’s not what I want to talk about. I’m already a day late when it comes to the hockey game, and I know almost nothing about football. Besides, I am a little bitter that my statistical analysis that predicted a loss to the Leafs was wrong! This throws off my whole game, and now I don’t know what the results will be tonight. Thanks a lot Price and the rest of the Habs for totally embarrassing and blanking the Leafs. Thanks a lot Komisarek for forgetting what team you are on, and assisting Cammy for the go-ahead goal.

Anyhow, what I do want to talk about is Toronto native PK Subban. The media would have you believe that Jacques Martin was going to ruin this young man’s raw talent. That the old school coach doesn’t know how to deal with flashy and skilled rookies.

Arpun Basu loves to talk about Martin’s coaching of Spezza as an example of how we should be scared for Subban.  And while I usually really like what Basu has to say, I have always disagreed with him on this point. I don’t disagree with the fact that Subban’s development might go off course, but I don’t think it will be because of coach Jacques Martin.

Ever since the Flyers game last week, and Mike Richards ridiculous comments, there is approximately a story a day about PK Subban and his perceived cockiness. Over the course of the week, the stories have morphed into a race issue.

See the following:

The radio hasn’t stopped. Commentators on various Habs blogs have posted the Mike Richards (Kramer) sketch when he loses it about race, implying Mike Richards is racist. It’s just gotten crazy. How did Mike Richards (the Flyers Captain) remarks get this far? If anything is going to distract Subban, it’s going to be bringing his race into it. He’s just a guy who plays hockey, and now there’s all this baggage he’s going to have to answer to, that he probably really doesn’t want to have to deal with.

I hope all this race talk is put to bed tonight when inevitable nothing happens. I hope PK is mature enough to all of a sudden handle the race card being thrown out left and right. Most of all, I hope we win tonight, not because it will keep Richards mouth shut, but because it means we move ahead of the Flyers in the standings and put an even bigger buffer between us and Boston.

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