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Before the season began, I predicted that Price wouldn’t get a single shutout all season. It wasn’t for lack of skill, but in the past he always let in a soft goal during those dying seconds. I described him as “not being a shut out” goalie. I usually really hate being wrong, but in this case, I’m ecstatic about how wrong I was. His shutout last night wasn’t a 20-save routine either.  He made 41 stops,  most of which came in a second period where the Habs could have easily found themselves on the losing side of the game.

I hate the Flyers

Did anyone else hear about the Mike Richards comments? I saw the comments in French in a La Presse article:

«C’est frustrant de voir un jeune comme ça s’amener et agir comme s’il se pensait meilleur que beaucoup d’autres. Le respect à travers la ligue se mérite et une recrue ne peut pas jouer de la sorte. Ce n’est pas comme cela que l’on s’y prend.
«Espérons que quelqu’un au sein de leur équipe va corriger cette situation. Je ne dis pas que c’est moi qui vais le faire, mais quelque chose pourrait lui arriver s’il continue d’être aussi baveux.»

Basically, a frustrated Richards didn’t like that a 21-year old rookie skated circles around his team. In other Flyer asshole news: Pronger tried to steal Carey’s shutout puck. It was eventually retrieved by Gomez and Gionta, only to have Price throw it into the stands, but still…Wasn’t Pronger the guy who was stealing Chicago’s game winning pucks during the playoffs? What’s with that? Is it some kinds of pathological need to collect pucks? Or does Pronger actually think someone like Carey Price would care if he didn’t get to keep his third shutout puck.

I’m bashing Philly, but even a hater can see how good of a team they are, and what an accomplishment it was to keep them off the score sheet. They came out flying, always clogging the front of the net, and shooting, shooting, shooting. However, the Habs first PK set the tone for the rest of the night. Once Carey Price took it upon himself to clear the puck, the momentum of the period instantly shifted.

Other Notes:

  • Did anyone else read that Markov’s injury could potentially be career-ending? When does he see an actual doctor so we can get actual news?
  • Was there a Habs fan on earth that wasn’t totally and utterly relieved when we scored on the 5-3? It was the sans-Markov powerplay boost of confidence the Canadiens needed.
  • I’ve been watching the games on TSN-A when I can. As I’ve said before, I like Mike Johnson, but he keeps telling people to chill about the Halak/Price debate, yet he is the one that brings up their stats and photos every time TSN airs a game.
  • Plekanec’s no-look goal…
  • Maxim LaPierre fought?!
  • About 2 weeks ago, in one of my Fantasy pools I traded TJ Oshie for Brian Gionta and Ryan Whitney…best trade I ever made!

In other NHL news, I am interested to see how this Colin Campbell fiasco plays out. If you hadn’t heard, read the Puck Daddy story here. The NHL has decided to stand by their man, no matter how inappropriate, crass or completely unprofessional the man is. Got to love the old boys club…

2 comments for “Morning After – Philly

  1. November 17, 2010 at 11:28 am

    Must have been so great to be there! Gotta love how the Habs have been giving the home crowd a good show lately :)

  2. Amanda
    November 17, 2010 at 10:53 am

    Hey Steph, Hatter and I were at the game last night and what a game!!! You asked when Markov will see an actual doctor, TSN reported this morning he is to see a Doc on Friday in Cleveland. Didn’t hear career ending, but possible long term.

    A couple of notes about the game from the stands….

    PK dropped the gloves and the refs jumped in before they threw a punch, I would have loved to seen that live especially since he was about to punch Richards in the mouth! Maybe if he had, he wouldn’t have been able to shot his mouth off.

    The in game hostess is now blond! Not sure if it is the same one you saw, but if it is they brushed her hair and changed the colour!!

    Finally…..Plekanec’s goal…..looking pass, looking pass….LOOK its in the back of the NET!!!

    LOVE IT!!!!!!

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