Morning after – Blue Jackets

Blah! That sucked. What sucks even more is that my computer died yesterday and is only now starting to work again. Thankfully I work with a bunch of software engineers and they are able to fix these things for me.
But, back to last night and the 3-0 loss in front of 35 Blue Jacket fans. Not much to say that hasn’t been said already, but I do have some interesting facts for you all:

  • Spacek played two years for the Blue Jackets,  and still holds the record for most points as a defensman!
  • We have been shut-out almost as many times as we’ve scored on the powerplay
  • Jacques Martin felt that after all their hard work yesterday, the Habs should have a day off today
  • I don’t care what people say, Giomez needs Kostitsyn on the left wing in order to get things going. I’m glad Martin finally tried that out last night
  • The only Habs centre to register a shot on goal last night was Plekanec

So back to Buffalo on Friday. Miller is hurt, the Sabres haven’t won a game at home yet, and they have thanks to New Jersey’s mind-blowing suckfest, they have the second worst record in the league …so cheer up Montreal, life isn’t so bad.

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