Morning After – Canucks

Habs vs Canucks, aka The Battle of the Goalies Playing their Hometown Team

So happy that Price not only came out on top, but recorded his 2nd shutout of the season. In September, I predicted Price wouldn’t get a shutout all season (which is weird, since I picked him in my hockey pool), and I am thrilled he is proving my hack predictions wrong!

The strangest part is that before the game began I was feeling very bitter about the Halak trade. I’ve been defending it since it happened, but for some reason I got all worked up about it over dinner and had a bad taste in my mouth. Why would Gauthier make the trade so early? Why wouldn’t he demand a player like Oshie or Perron? Well, I feel much better now. Eller played only 4-minutes, but they were a VERY strong 4-minutes, and like I just said, Price earned his second shut out of the season.

Some quick notes about the game:

  • A powerplay goal! (notice the tag to the left got *slightly* bigger). Thank god Hamrlik scored, because after the worst 4-minute powerplay I’ve ever witnessed I truly thought the Canadiens would never score with the man-advantage again.
  • Interesting fact: Hamrlik has the most powerplay points on the Habs
  • Giomez was officially broken up. Gionta had an assist, and Gomez just made bad decision after bad decision with the puck. Can you believe that terrible pass in the first period when he basically had a perfect shot on net??
  • Back to the 4-minute powerplay. The only player to show any creativity in that sequence was PK Subban. I am very tired of people saying that Martin is stifling Subban. If anything, he is learning when and where to pull the flashy moves. It’s his first season, his still learning, the points and goals will come.
  • Lars Eller…only about 4 minutes of ice time, but they were a great 4 minutes. I think because Martin knows he has to keep him up, he is managing his minutes so that he isn’t destroyed out there. Again, I don’t buy into the whole “Martin is destroying Eller’s confidence” line. Eller looked very good out there. It’s better to have 4-minutes of quality play, than 12-minutes of mediocre play that gets not only the boo-birds out, but the media.
  • My absolute favorite part of the night was the very last second when Price attempted to score on the open net. Wouldn’t that have been the icing on the cake?

So onto Boston! I am so happy we are done with the crap rotation of Islanders, Sabres, Senators.

On a side note, I thought I’d take a little poll. The GM meeting just happened, and a suggestion I thought was great was totally shutdown. Apparently the GM’s don’t like the idea of a Coach’s Challenge. What do you think?

2 comments for “Morning After – Canucks

  1. les
    November 10, 2010 at 10:38 pm

    I vote NO CHALLENGE rule. It works for great for tennis. Not hockey.

    • November 11, 2010 at 9:33 am

      I disagree. Too many errors by the refs. It costs teams games, players, etc…

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