Morning After LIVE GAME: Hurricane

Wow! What a game to attend…

I took a couple videos, a couple photos…they can be seen below.

Where to start? I guess with the downer..Markov, his knee and the online rumour that he will likely be sidelined 3 months. On the positive, this isn’t the same Canadiens team from two seasons ago that couldn’t win without Markov, on the negative, this is terrible news for him, for his career, for his teammates and for the likelihood of a large contract extension with Montreal.

When Markov went down, he punch the boards with his fist. He knows it’s his knee. He knows what this means. I can’t imagine the frustration he is feeling right about now.

But enough depresso news: Here are my quick notes on the game:

  • I’ve seen many many pre-game introduction videos in my time. This year’s is bar-none the best I have ever seen. Anyone have a YouTube link for it? If not I will be sure to record it next game I go to. It’s mind-blowing. They use an inception-esque soundtrack and move between live and graphic-novel imagery. The best part? Jacques Martin pictured underneath a stylized Jacques Cartier bridge.
  • You all know how I feel about the role of in-game enterainment and the lady MC they always employ. I don’t know if last night was our MC’s first time or what, but my friend Brian put  it “She’s not HD pretty”. Someone should have either combed that poor girl’s hair, or at least put it back in a bun. See the photo below. I don’t want to straight out call her ugly (because that’s mean), but she’s a tad  homelier than her predecessors.
  • Again, a TOTAL team effort. It was brilliant to watch. When Carolina scored two goals, the Habs grouped together to come back and score five. The best of which was Maxim LaPierre – that was the ugliest-pretty goal I’ve ever seen.
  • SPACEK!! I’ve hassled him this year, but he had a great game. Is there a better diver in the league? He’s timing when sliding to block a shot is impeccable. Great to see him pick up some points as well.
  • THREE POWERPLAY GOALS? Whaaaattt???? And two post-Markov


Photo 1: MC-Girl…someone please brush her hair

Photo 2: Ticket Fail! A post O’Byrne ticket featuring O’Byrne

Photo 3: Your eyes do not deceive you, that is Scott Gomez TAKING A SHOT!

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