Morning After – Kings

Do you know what I love about this team? They take losing personally and make sure poor performances aren’t repeated. They played 1/3 of a game on Monday, so every single member of the Montreal Canadiens made sure they played 60 minutes last night.

Last night I noticed everyone, no one was invisible: well almost no one. I didn’t really notice Spacek very much, but that’s a good thing. I don’t want to notice Spacek, that means he’s not doing terrible.

I’ve said it before, the reason these Habs are playing so well is their team play. You don’t need one 50-goal scorer to succeed, you need a team of six 20-goal scorers (and a goalie who sees everything and is in position before the shot is taken).

The LA Kings and the Habs are very similar teams. Habs record before last night was 13-7-1, Kings: 13-7-0. Habs PP was 15.8% ,Kings: 15.5%. The pk for the Habs was 90%, and the Kings 86.2%. The similarities in other statistical categories continues, but you can check them out for yourselves here. The Kings are basically the bizarro Habs – last night worlds collided and the  bizarro Habs were defeated because of strong team play.

Things I absolutley loved about last night:

  • Mathieu Darche, from press box to first line powerplay. Why was this guy sitting? For an AHL defensman who was forced to play forward and get second line powperplay minutes? Someone please send Webber down. I don’t want to ever see Darche taken out of the lineup for him again
  • When AK comes to play, AK sure does come to play. I take back what I said about ever splitting him up from Plekanec. I think he needs Plekanec to succeed (then again, who doesn’t succeed when playing with Pleks)
  • Is there anything better than seeing a guy get his first goal? I was all emotional after Eller scored
  • Monsieur Scott Gomez may have not gotten the goal, but he was the reason for the goal. So good to see him implicate himself like that –  he should feel very good about his game last night.
  • This is a bit of a non-hockey comment, but I am a girl and I notice things like this: Thomas Plekanec has the exact same smile as Guy Carbonneau when he is shocked by a penalty against him

Did you know that of the 22 games played this season, the Habs have scored first 14 times (64%)! Compared to last year when they only scored first a total of 39 times (48%). To me, that stat is amazing. Last year they played a lot of catch up hockey. It was always a desperate finish, and they often needed OT or the shootout to win. This year, they have been to OT only twice and have yet to take part in a shootout!

Like the Habs, I am trying to enjoy the win, but move on. There are another 60 games to be played. The Habs are in Atlanta tomorrow night and then back home for Buffalo on Saturday. Sadly, I am in a hockey tournament all weekend so I will have to catch highlights and express versions. I’ll still try and post, but they will be highlight interpretations.

All that to say, it’s a good time to be a Habs fan! Well, maybe it’s too good of a time to be a Habs fan. I called the Season Tickets office today to find out where I was on the waiting list (been on for two years already), and I found out that my waiting time is only getting longer…probably 10 years! Whhaaatt??? I’ll be 40 before I have season tickets…FORTY.

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