Morning After – Stinky in Philly

Did you know that a hockey game is 60 minutes long? That even if you are dominating for 20 minutes, you can still easily loose? I thought I knew that, but during the 1st intermission I was all “Habs are the best”, “Carey Price will never let in a goal again”, and “Philly is all talk, when a bunch of amateurs”.

Well, much like the Canadiens, I had a rude awakening once the puck dropped in the second period. Like most other fans out there, I realize our team can’t win all 82 games in a season – and  there will be stinkers, like last night… but that doesn’t mean I can’t point out the obvious deficiencies that lead to last night’s collapse:

  • Remember when I pointed out that whenever Scott Gomez doesn’t take a shot, the Habs get shut out? Well, it turns out he didn’t take a shot last night, and for 40 minutes the Habs were basically  shut out
  • Why was Mike Cammelleri skating on a line with Gomez and Moen? How can you expect your top 6 to be your top 6, when the coach breaks up the one duo that has consistently produced for us all season?
  • Eller needs to make some kind of animal sacrifice at this point. He can’t buy a goal, let alone an assist
  • Spacek
  • Why is Weber playing forward? Why was he called up? To play out of position and force an otherwise strong Mathieu Darche to sit?
  • P.S. If he isn’t going to take a one-timer on the PP, then he is of no use to the Habs
  • What’s the deal with Dustin Boyd?
  • I didn’t notice until Dave Stubbs pointed it out on Twitter, but why was Philly using the practice nets? Was that some kind of lesson in respect? Or did the owners of the Flyers forget they make about $4-million in revenue per game and couldn’t find the time to put out nice nets for a NHL game. Sometimes I feel like my girls hockey league is less bush than the NHL

On to the positives: Carey Price was again phenomenal. It’s getting boring to talk about how great he is :) I hope he never shaves his mustache off.

I gotta keep it short today. I have 42-page document to edit for work, and I am procrastinating like nobody’s business…

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