Morning After – Predators

I wish I had PVR’d last night’s game, because with 10-minutes left in the 3rd period all I wanted to do was hit the fast-forward button. Some interesting statistical facts presented themselves to the fans last night:

  • The Habs have been shutout three times this season, and each time it is by a score of 0-3
  • It is the second time that the Habs play consecutive games of 0-3/3-0 scores. The first time they got shut out by New Jersey 0-3 and then shutout Ottawa 3-0.This time they shutout theFlyers 3-0 only to be shutout
  • The pattern of the season seems to be L, W, W, W, W, L, L, W… We just faced the the first  “L”after the four consecutive wins  so using my deft mathematical skills, this means we will lose against the Leafs, beat the Flyers on Monday, lose in LA, but then beat the Thrashers, Sabres, Oilers and Devils. And while you may laugh and my statistical analysis, doesn’t that pattern actually seem to fit? Of course the Habs will lose to the Leafs (they always do for some reason), beating the Flyers is a matter of pride at this point, and a loss to LA is just one of those Western Conference losses that happens. But the Habs will easily take care of the four bottom dwellers to close out November and open December. I’m like the Nostradamus of hockey.
  • This stat is amazing, so get ready: Every single time the Habs have been shutout this season, Gomez has failed to register a shot! So again, using those deft mathematical skills, if A=B, and B=C, A=C, right? If Gomez doesn’t shoot, we get shut out. If we win, we don’t get shut out. If Gomez shoots, we win. So simple! How I don’t have a job coaching in the NHL is beyond me.

The battle of the Kostitsyn’s was a bit of a downer. I expected Grobovski-esque drama, only to be treated to Sergei playing a mere 11:28, without so much as a chirp. I was relieved to hear that Bouillon wasn’t booed and great to see him get two assists. How badly could the Habs use him right now? No disprespect to Picard, but I would take Bouillon over Picard any day of the week.

On to Saturday and the Leafs, where  according to my sophisticated matrix, the Habs will sadly lose. But that’s okay, I actually don’t even care about the Leafs anymore. They are a sad sad story in the NHL, and offer us no real rivalry. I hope they ride this potential 3-game win streak all the way to the golf course in April, and when the Canadiens are facing the Flyers in the third round, we can look back at that loss and say “awww, wasn’t that sweet when the Leafs won a few games in a row”.

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