From O’Byrne to Bournival

O’Byrne has been traded for Colorado prospect Michael Bournival. Who? Exactly….

Bournival currently plays in the QMJHL for  the Shawinigan Cataractes. He was drafted last year by the Avalanche.

I’ve never seen Bournival play, in fact I never heard of him until 5-minutes ago, so who am I to judge this trade. Who knows what kind of player Bournival will turn out to be. He’s big, he seems to score a decent amount in the Q, and he’s a local (ish) boy, so the Journal de Montreal can rest easy.

For now, I’m all optimism. It’s just sad to see another Habs drafted and trained player go to wayside. I liked O’Byrne, he provided the fans and the media with a steady stream of story lines:

  • The infamous purse-incident
  • The own goal
  • When he gave up his #3 sweater so Emile Bouchard could have the number retired
  • His love of shooting the puck over the boards for delay of game penalties

It’s a shame, because when he was first introduced to the Montreal fans, I think we all had a lot of hope for him. Remember last year, at the beginning of the season? He was solid, playing big minutes, and we all though “finally! O’Byrne is here to play”. Well he broke his hand, lost confidence, and was surpassed on the depth chart by too many up and coming d-men, i.e. Picard.

So, I wish O’Byrne the best of luck in Colorado. It will be a nice change  for him – Colorado has those beautiful Rocky mountains just like his home province of B.C., the weather is comparable, and it is a nice hockey market. I truly hope he gets it together and develops into a regular fixture on their blue line.

Here’s hoping to a better future of developing our own prospects and seeing them succeed in this town!

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  1. The Jodge
    November 11, 2010 at 9:20 pm

    I have a crush on you Lady loves hockey. I bet you’re really cute.

    • November 12, 2010 at 9:37 am

      Very funny…you know I’m cute! That’s why you married me.

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