I’m Back – And Angry at Bell

Wow..it’s been basically a week since I’ve written anything. Sorry about that. My excuse is that my body hurts and my index finger on my right hand is all but broken (due to a combination of  a co-worker, a mini-hockey stick, and a concrete floor.)

I missed both games on the weekend, but it was almost another back to back 0-3, 3-0 game. I love this team, I love what they are doing, but they seem to get shut out an inordinate amount of times. Another thing I missed this weekend was the series premier of Your Canadiens, the new reality series produced by Bell that follows a player for a day (or something to that effect). This Saturday, the episode was about Andrei Markov, and while I am totally appalled by the idea of a Habs reality TV show, I also will likely watch every episode.

…And that’s where my anger at Bell comes in. I missed Saturday’s episode,but being the good consumer that I am, I went to the bell.ca/canadiens for more information.  Here is a screen shot of the page, I’ve taken the liberty to highlight the giant lies they are propagating:

Lie #1: Only Bell customers can watch

Lie #2: On demand, anytime

Being the  loyal Bell customer that I am, I followed the link  that is supposed to let me watch from my computer. I am taken to another page that basically gives me a 30 second preview of the show and am told that I need an HD receiver to watch. Well, I guess Bell customers can’t watch on demand. Only Bell customers with HD receivers can watch on demand. Which makes no sense,  the type of receiver I have shouldn’t affect what is played on my computer. Needless to say, I pick up the phone and call Bell to both vent my frustration and get what is promised to me.

The Bell employee who answers was, of course, useless. I was basically told that I should either get an HD receiver, or go back online, and click Contact Us, and “chat” with a support representative. Which of course begs the question “isn’t that what I am doing right now?”

Apparently, only through instant chat will I be able to resolve this problem. Talking to a human being is not an option. The human being on the other side of the phone is unable to help me. Oh, and by the way, the “instant chat office” was closed.

Why am I with Bell? The snow interrupts my game watching more than I’d like to admit, my internet bandwidth is a joke, and I can’t seem to succeed in cancelling my landline.


On to more important issues –  Our Habs face- off against another sad Canadian team tonight. Remember just a couple years back, the Oilers went to the Stanley Cup final – what happened!? But more importantly, why are there only two legit Canadian teams? Other than the Habs and Canucks, the state of Canadian NHL teams is becoming very sad. I’m all for a seventh team in Canada, but let’s hope they don’t become perpetual  bottom dwellers (Leafs, I’m looking at you).

Go Habs Go

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