Live Game: Sharks

Sorry..I’m a day behind!

Saturday afternoon I was at the Shark’s game and as I said in a previous post, I was very eager to go to the game because my step-brother’s best friend Torrey Mitchell play’s for the Sharks. I haven’t seen Torrey in maybe 5 years, and he probably doesn’t remember me, but none-the-less, I have a soft spot for the Shark’s and they are  my favorite western conference team.

My afternoon started like many of my evening games do – by sneaking  down to the front row to watch the Habs warm-up. Usually no one pays any attention to me, but I seemed to have caught the eye of Mr. Press Box Dustin Boyd, and he basically spent the entire warm-up shooting pucks at my face and banging into the boards where I was sitting. I know what everyone is thinking “The world doesn’t revolve around you Stephanie, and Boyd probably didn’t even realize what he was doing”. Normally I would agree, but I swear on all that is Habs, that every time I bent my head down to check my phone, or turned to  talk to someone, a puck was launched directly at the glass in front of me and Boyd would smile and skate away.

My player interaction didn’t end there…no siree. I finally made my way back up to my seat where my wife was patiently waiting for me (she isn’t much of a sneaker-downer, and fears the wrath of the security guards). Sitting on my right was the cutest old lady I ever did see. She had her Saturday-best fur coat on, and purse firmly in lap. While solo elderly ladies aren’t usually seated beside me, I didn’t find it all that strange. What I did find strange was that every time San Jose made a good play,  she would react with so much enthusiasm I finally had to ask “are you a San Jose fan?”.   Well, not only is she a Shark’s fan , but she is defensman Marc-Édouard Vlasic’s grandmother! ( side note:  I was going to ask to take a photo with her for the blog, but that bordered on creepy so I refrained).

She is a very proud grandmother. Whereas prior to December 4th the only thing I knew about Vlasic was that he played for the Sharks, I now know that his ice-time has been steadily increasing over the season. That while he usually plays on the left side with Boyle, the coach will often change up his pairing so he can focus on only one strong opposing player. It seemed, according to Grandma Vlasic, the #44’s job on Saturday afternoon was to look after Plekanec. Needless to say, non-grandma expletive’s came from her mouth when Plekanec single handily decided it was time to score a goal.

The game itself? Well, my analytical process was mired by Grandma-Vlasic. She really took up most of my game watching time recounting tales of his childhood in the West Island and his tutelage under Patrick Roy when he played for the Remparts in the QMJHL. In  all honesty, talking to this proud grandmother was for more exciting then the game at hand. Yes, I missed Gomez’s first shift on the fourth line and it wasn’t until the 3rd period was almost over did I realize that the only line actually doing anything was Eller’s, but I got to glimpse what it’s like to have second-hand success at the highest level of hockey.

I joke with my friend’s that my future son will be an NHL’er. That whether he likes it or not, he will be skating at 2-years old, scoring at 3-years old, and I will be his coach until he makes it to the junior level (though I wouldn’t object to one year of University playing NCAA, if only to give him a taste of college should the NHL thing not work out). The scary part is that I’m secretly not joking and I realize that I might very well end up being  the over-bearing hockey mom who buys her son’s jersey and travels North America watching every single one of his NHL games, talking the ears off of fans who were lucky (unlucky?) enough to sit beside me.

The only snag in this plan is that his last name is going to be Darwish-Vamos, and that is far too long to fit nicely on the back of a jersey….I guess not all is perfect in my fantasy world…

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