Live Game: The Double Date Edition

What’s the perfect double date? How about two hockey loving couples getting four seats in the always fun 400s and watching two of the best teams this season face-off in what is becoming a great NHL rivalry? Well, lucky me, those were the circumstances I found myself in last night.

Note: This is not us, but a random couple in front of us. We aren’t sure who, but one of them kept farting, just adding more stink to an already stinky situation

I mentioned on Twitter yesterday  that if the Habs lose, I would take full responsibility since I wouldn’t be in my regular seat. I take that back and point a very long finger at the coach. Now, bear in mind I drank quite a bit last night and my 30-year old body isn’t used to Jameson shots on a Wednesday. So perhaps my vision was blurred, but I could have sworn I saw Lars Eller doing penalty kill work in the last minutes of a very hard fought tied game.

To make matters worse, poor Lars’s dad was in town for the game and the only action he gets to see his kid play is on a penalty kill that destroys whatever momentum the Habs fought to establish. I am a staunch Martin supporter. I love the team-first system he put into place, I like the way he decided to build both Pouliot’s and Eller’s confidence over the course of this season, but I cannot understand the logic behind this maneuver. Never mind the fact that I was secretly very excited at the potential shoot-out that may have ensued had the teams gone to OT and not scored. (I hate the gimmicky-ness of the shootout when I am at home watching a game, but I love love love it when I am there witnessing it live!)

In other news, great to see PK play so well last night, and I was elated to see him do an end to end rush late in the third. I was worried that aspect of his game was getting beaten out of him…

Onto Boston…
So that is three in a row for our boys. 4-goals and 5-goals against respectively. Tonight is Boston and if there’s anything I hate more than the Habs losing, it’s reading newspapers after a succession of loses. I am not panicking or thinking anything drastic (yet!), but I would really be a happy lady if the ol’ coach kept the lines of AK – Pleks – Cammy, MaxPac – Gomez – Gionta, and Pouliot – Eller – Darche. That gives us three potential scoring lines against a team that doesn’t let in many goals.

Go Habs Go

3 comments for “Live Game: The Double Date Edition

  1. jo leigh
    December 16, 2010 at 3:01 pm

    You forgot to mention the typical terribly one-sided reffing from mustache man. I fully blame him for ruining the momentum and giving the flyers an unfair advantage. i feel like a broken record. i have been saying this for years. someone needs to take away that man’s stripes…

  2. December 16, 2010 at 1:53 pm

    Ugh..I’m such a lush

    I totally did see that, but in my Jameson induced euphoria, I also blocked it out. I just watched the replay, and the whole sequence was brutal.

    First the give away to Richards, and then Giroux, all by his lonesome in front of Price. What’s the expression? Aye yai yai…

    Oh Subban….

  3. dasbooth
    December 16, 2010 at 1:45 pm

    Hey, I was so glad to see Subban score the first goal of the game, but did you not see his brutal give-away at the end that cost us any chance of a come back? He delivered the puck right to Richards (of all people) on a silver platter!

    I like Subban, and think he is going to be a big part of the future of this club, but I now see why they had to bench him and will have to again. He has to play smarter at times. Still very young.


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