Morning After – Devils

Watching the Habs beat the Devils last night was like watching Usain Bolt enter a sprint against The Biggest Loser. The New Jersey Devils are in dire straits, and as terrible as it is, it felt  good to beat up on a weaker opponent, especially after the Oilers fiasco.

Not to take away from the Habs performance last night, but the Devils truly are terrible. You have the 10-million dollar man doing  absolutely nothing, an aging and injured Brodeur, and their only goal scorer sidelined with injury as well.

Did anyone else realize Brian Gionta had a little brother playing in New Jersey? Despite it being a 5-1 game, I was still lulled into NJ Devil game-time day dream, and got to thinking how strange it is I’ve never heard of this younger Gionta. Is there a very large age gap between the brothers, or is it just that the younger Gionta is a career AHL’er who just recently got called up?

I turned to the ever informative for more information:

  • Stephen Gionta was born in 1983, so only 4 years younger than Brian
  • Was never drafted
  • Has basically been an AHL’er since 2006. This year was his first call up. He’s played in only 11 NHL games

Now that the Gionta mystery is solved, I can move on and discuss the actual game, and the PK Subban conundrum. Martin is known for not changing a winning lineup, but I have to believe an exception will be made for tomorrow’s game.

Since PK started playing with the Habs last spring, he’s made TWO rookie mistakes, both in one game on a night I am sure 21 other players would like to take  a mulligan on. Yes Weber played well last night, and yes Picard has been stable, but are either of these two defenseman capable of consistently putting up the minutes PK does? And I don’t even need to ask about pure talent, because there are no questions of who possesses the most of it.

How about Gomez! Even with him scoring two goals in two nights, I can’t help but feel he still won’t produce consistently. That missed open net towards the end of the third is exhibit A, the continued charge into the offensive zone with no thought of what action to take next is exhibit B.

On to Saturday afternoon with Sharks in town. I have a bit of a personal connection to the Sharks, and am very very excited to be going to the game. My step-brother grew up with and is very good friend’s with forward Torrey Mitchell. I’ve only met him a couple times, and I am sure he totally does not remember me, but it’s nice to see a kid I know succeeding at the NHL level.

Since I will be at the game, I will be sure to take more of my wonderful photos, and post as soon as I can. Retired referee Kerry Fraser will also be at Indigo  book store after the game promoting his new book. I will also try and check that out — I love a good behind-the-scenes look, so I might even buy his book :)

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