Morning After – Oilers

There were two massive breakdowns at about the 10 minute mark of the third period last night:

  1. 1- It started snowing, so I lost my signal for the game
  2. 2- The Montreal Canadiens

As my friend relayed to me on Twitter, the timeline of both failures was very interesting. Maybe it was a higher power trying to shield my rose coloured Habs glasses  from the worst breakdown of the season? Whatever it was, I am secretly thankful that  I not only missed the Habs blowing a two-goal lead in the third, but also missed one of my favorite players deciding he was done for the night and letting Dustin Penner skate away for the OT Goal. I am of course talking about Mike Cammalleri.

I had heard about that moment via Brian Wilde’s article on CTV, but it wasn’t until I actually watched the replay on the Habs website that I understood just how bad it was. If  like me, you have a shitty Bell ExpressVu, and missed that lowlight, I’ve embedded it below.

I wish I could just put that clip on loop, tie Mike Cammalleri to a chair, and force him to watch it until he becomes so overwhelmed with shame he actually starts to cry and sends out 21,273 apology letters to the folks who actually paid to bear witness to the laziest play of the season.

Which brings me to my next point…why isn’t Mike Cammalleri playing with Plekanec? How is it that he was given the task of rescuing a drowning Gomez. Yes, I know Gomez “scored” last night (in quotes, because he obviously was trying to pass, and it hit a skate to go in), but Cammy plays much better with Plekanec.  And yes, I know – everyone plays much better with Plekanec (see Gionta & Kostityn).

I don’t buy this whole “without Markov the Habs are a .500 team” . The Habs are good, bordering on very good, when they play as a team for 60-minutes. I will go to bed a very happy girl if the Habs not only win tonight, but they go back to the original lines from the beginning of the season.My humble opinion is that all this line shuffling has failed to forge any kind of line bonds. If you don’t know your linemates, it’s hard to play as a unit. I want to see Plekanec back with Cammy and AK, Gionta with Gomez and Pouliot, Eller with Darche and LaPierre, and finally Halpern with Pyatt and Moen.

Someone please give me Jacques’ cell phone number so I can text him my thoughts…

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