24/7 Pens/Caps: Please Sir, I want some more.

Happy Monday and Happy Two-Days-After-Patches-Made-Chara-Blow-His-Lid

I watched the Boston game at my in-laws on the tiniest TV from 1983, but even under those dire circumstances I was able to relish the Habs comeback win. Today’s post however will not be dedicated to the Saturday night victory, but to my Sunday morning into late-afternoon viewing of the HBO series 24/7 Penguins/Capitals – Road to the NHL Winter Classic.

I know I am bout 2-weeks late on this television phenomenon, but I don’t have HBO and I had to scour the internet to find online feeds. My 20 minute search was not in vain and I stumbled upon a Russian site that had all four episodes. I sat down on my couch, computer in lap, and for the next four hours was awe stricken by how excellent this series was.

If you haven’t yet watched it, then maybe you should stop reading because I will list my favorite moments of the show below. Though, in retrospect, it isn’t like I am spoiling anything – we all know the Caps eventually won a game, that Sid got hit hard in the Winter Classic, and that Bruce Boudreau may be the cutest round man on the planet.

Top 24/7 Moments
(as with all my lists, these are in no particular order)

  • Bruce Boudreau’s tucked in red track suit. He’ s all over Caps gear, but unlike his hip players, Boudreau adds a deliciously wonderful pinch of dork into his athletic styling. He seems enamored by the tuck in – his red
    t-shirt tightly inside his red track suit pants, accentuating his belly and making me want to sit squarely on his lap to divulge my Christmas wishes to him. See photo below for full-value adorableness:

bruce boudreau during hbo 24/7

  • Alexander Ovechkin, aka Alexander the Gr8, aka the most prolific goal scorer hockey may ever see, LIVES AT HOME WITH HIS PARENTS! Yes, you read correctly, Ovechkin, the same man who will be making $9-million this year, lives with his mom and dad. What about ladies? What does Ovi do when he wants to bring home a girl? Goes to her house? All the time? Or does he have some kind of sock-on-the-door arrangement with his folks. Ovechkin explains that it is because he doesn’t want to cook or clean, but at $9-million a year I am pretty sure he can hire people to perform those duties. Honestly, I get that it’s nice to have family close-by, and it’s wonderful that his parents moved to the States with him, but couldn’t he buy them a condo near-by? I just hope he is the one footing the bills, buying the groceries etc… because if he is also living on his parents dime…ay yai yai
  • The on-ice trash talk. I love it! I love hearing the refs calling out players for complaining, I love hearing players trying to talk a ref into a penalty, I love the exchanges between players, I love the goalies taunting the shooters…when will the NHL start living in 2011 and market this aspect of the game? NHL.com needs to have a section called “On the Ice” where we can go and catch the best highlights from previous game’s trash talking.
  • Matt Hendricks explaining why he fights. It’s a painfully sad look through the eyes of someone doing anything they can to stay in the NHL. I cried a little bit…really.
  • Pittsburgh Penguins staff hockey games. Apparently, on the day of every home game any staff member in the Penguins organization is invited to partake in a game of pick-up hockey. Holy fuck that is AWESOME. I pictured myself getting that dream job in their communications department, and heading down to the ice every few days and taking a pass from Lemieux. You know, just another day at the office.
  • Every other single insider look at both organizations. From Bylsma’s daily player ratings to Matt Green’s orange vespa, HBO did a fantastic job of making hockey human. Compared to the lame attempt of the Nos Canadiens series, HBO’s 24/7 had me hooked from the opening credits and I would love to see them make this a yearly feature before every Winter Classic.

Congrats HBO! This series may be the tipping point that causes me to actually order your channel :)

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