Morning After: Calgary

I was going to start off with a rant about how it’s unfair that goalies get criticized for adding a little colour to their performance, but goal scorers are given free reign. Unfortunately, I woke up this morning to hear that PK Subban’s goal celebration made headlines. I’m so annoyed – when did this game become about punishing happiness? So now, in protest to people’s protest about player’s having a little fun, I will not dedicate a single word more to this event.

Instead, let’s talk about how we all knew, in our heart of hearts, that the Habs being up 4 goals meant nothing, and that we knew there would be a collapse with a Calgary comeback. How did we all know this? Because it happens EVERY SINGLE TIME. Kudos to Carey Price for settling his team down and helping them scrape by for the OT win.

Other things I am mad about (on this, the day after a win):

  • Too many men on the ice penalties…too many, literally
  • The crowd getting ahead of themselves and singing Olé Olé halfway through the second. Actually, I blame them for jinxing the Habs and the Calgary comeback
  • The referees for penalizing Gionta when he crashed the crease (causing Pacioretty’s goal to be nullified), but no penalty on Bouwmeester for throwing the net off when we were about to score yet another goal
  • Chara getting a hat trick ( yes, I know, had nothing to do with the Habs, I just don’t like Chara as a player and his success makes me a bitter bitter woman)

Shall we look at the positives?

  • Finally, after year of Habs ruining young players by not given them a mentor, Subban has Gill and it seems to be working out for everyone involved
  • 4 out of the 5 goals were beautiful goal scorer goals, scored by Habs players who should be scoring goals
  • Picard is in the press box, and no longer touted as being better than he and we all know he is
  • Price got credit for the win, and therefore got me 5 points in my pool I didn’t think I would get

Last evening on the Team 990, Pierre McGuire said the Calgary/Habs game would be boring…I beg to differ, I think the snooze fest of the week will happen tonight and I predict another OT win by the Habs – except this time it will be a long 1-1 game until the very end.

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