Morning After: Penguins

Habs lost 2-5, in what should have been a 2-1 win had they not been paraded to the box by referees who only seemed to see Habs infractions. Then again, the number one PK in the league looked like a shadow of it’s self allowing FOUR powerplay goals.

The highlight of the whole terrible night? Fleury mimicking the Vanilla Ice pose. That was good..really good. And any player on either team who is “offended” needs to chill out. I’m secretly hopping the gangsta pose turns into a goaling duel for these teams. Next time they meet I hope the winning goalie one-ups and does a head spin or something. Actually, you know what? Instead of shoot-out, the NHL should let the goalies do a dance-off for the w win. A little Bronx Rock from Fleury instigates Body Glide with a Baby Freeze from Price. (click here for full list of available moves that I expect goalies to start using).

Is there anything worse than a guy finally getting his first NHL goal only to have his team embarrassingly lose? Poor Desharnais…
Is there anything worse than scoring off another quick wrist shot only to be called for invisible slashing and having the goal taken away? Poor Pouliot…
Is there anything worse than making a gorgeous save off Pascal Dupuis, only to have Tyler Kennedy get you on the short side? Poor Price…

Last night was one of those games I was thankful not to be at. Besides the three aforementioned situations, there is truly nothing worse than being at the Bell Centre when the Habs are down by three goals, it’s like being at a wake.

The good news is that I picked up Jordan Staal off of waivers in one of my Fantasy Pools last week, and BAM! he really came through for me last night :)

Let’s talk about Jacques Marting…I would love to know what he is thinking at any given moment when he is doing is line shuffling. At one point, Pouliot (who as been VERY strong lately) was skating with Moen and Pyatt, Gionta was back with Pleks and AK, and Gomez was with whoever was leftover. I just don’t understand that constant changing, especially when it involves breaking up what’s working. Is he just tapping heads at random on the bench? Does he need glasses? Maybe the numbers on the back of the helmets are too tiny. He meant to tap 57, but the five looked an awful like a four  and seven  is close to six, and besides there was a Kostitsyn with a seven in his number not too long ago…I like Jacques Martin, but I am tired of his lotto picks dictating who plays together.

On to Saturday. I was supposed to be going to the game , but I’ve opted to give the tickets to my sister (it being her birthday and all). The big news however is that on Sunday morning I am going with to play hockey AT THE BELL CENTRE! Tons of photos and videos to follow!

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