Morning After: Word to your Mother…

Carey Price, aka C-Diddy, aka C-Pri$zz really inspired me last night. In a sport that too often lacks personality, Price inserted some early 90s b-boy love into his game, and since then I can’t get Vanilla Ice out of my head.

Man, I really loved 90s white-boy rap, The Beastie Boys’ Paul Revere is still my favorite song, and if you get me drunk enough I could do the whole thing for you.

Anyhow, this little bit here is dedicated to C-Love

Yo Habs let’s kick it

All right stop, collaborate and listen
Price played it right like a hockey vixen
Nothing (in a shootout) could get past him
Slide to the left, puck’s right off the him
To the extreme he rocks a crease like a vandal
Light up the rink with a pose causes scandle
Shoot, Pouliot dangles and BOOM!
We’re killing this game like a poisenous mushroom
Deadly, when they don’t play the rope a dope medley
Anything better than a one goal game is heavenly
Love it or leave it, you better give way
You better hit the spot, ’cause the kid don’t play
If there was a problem, yo he’ll solve it
Check out his pose while the left wing revolves it

Price, Price baby….like a cheeta’

Yo man, let’s get out of here.
Word to your mother…

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