Morning After: The Wounded (aka the game in Buffalo)

I do hate to brag, but I believe in my post yesterday I predicted a  1-1 game that would be sent into overtime. I’m like some kind of gifted hockey-savant, I should start betting money on games, I could become a millionaire (except for the fact that I actually predicted the Habs would win, and my savant abilities don’t seem to foresee the plethora of injuries the befell our team last night).

As with all fans, the highlight for me last night was the PK Subban and Price love taps in the middle of a play. I’m a sucker for a good bromance, and I think the CPPK love affair is developing in to one of the best bromance story-lines of the season.

Speaking of which, I have never felt so much anger towards my fellow fans and media concerning PK Subban. I know I said yesterday that I wouldn’t dedicate a single word to this, but over the course of yesterday, I heard so much bullsh*t, that I just can’t ignore it.

  1. The kid scored an OT goal, good for him for being excited (don’t we all get in a fit when players don’t show emotion?!)
  2. Why is the media making a big deal of this? Why was this even a story line? Where was the Chara “hats-off” goal celebration story from his hat-trick on Monday?
  3. Is the NHL still a racist organization? Why are NHL veterans picking on PK for his over the top personality? Lest they forget Ovechkin’s rookie year with his shaded visor and yellow laces? I can’t even imagine the outcry if PK Subban decided to have a colour on his laces. Mike Richards would lose his mind…
  4. I hope with all my heart that PK is strong enough in his self that he is able to block out his idiot peers and be who he is. It’s my plea to just leave PK alone.

I’m usually quite good with my words, and am able to express myself clearly both verbally and in writing. But I don’t know what more I can add to this conversation. The best I can do is show you a video – it’s of Jason Pominville’s OT goal last night. Unless my eyes are deceiving me, it appears he goes onto his knees and celebrates his goal… I expect the Buffalo sports stations to be all over this and ruin any joy Pominville may have had.

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