Mid(ish) Season Prediction Review

Welcome to 2011, the post-LaPierre era :)
With the New Year comes time to review what I thought would happen in this 2010-2011 season. By the end of this week, our Habs will have played their 41st and 42nd game, meaning by Sunday morning the season will be just over  the halfway mark.

I don’t pretend to be the Nostradamus of hockey, but in looking back at what I predicted, I’m not doing so badly. I would give myself a B-.

Below, in bold are my the prediction I made, in italics is the reality, and in plain old font is my self-assessment. It’s kind of like the yearly self-evaluations I do at work, but instead of the cash bonus I will reward myself with the uninhibited adoration from my millions of fans.

1- The Habs won’t announce their captain by the opening of the season
Brian Gionta was announced as the Captain during the pre-season

Well this was a fail…a big big fail. I honest to goodness thought the Habs management would keep to a leadership core and rotate the “C”. Guess I was very wrong.

2- Out of the gate, Price plays like his hair is on fire and the team goes 8-1-1
The Habs actually went 7-2-1, and Carey’s GAA was 2.44 and his save percentage was something like .903 BUT, from that 10 game mark through to December Carey was on fire, posting four shutouts and decreasing his GAA to below 2.00.

So while I wasn’t exactly right, I was pretty damn close. Price was unbelievable at the start of the season..probably the best we have ever seen him play. So while the Habs are an an itty bitty slump right now, and Price is playing average-esque, fear not! Come mid-January the Habs will pick it up again, and the wins will pile on faster than they did in MoVember (is there a Mo-nuary? Maybe that’s what Price needs…)

3- Bye bye AK47 (at the trade deadline)
TBD, but all signs are pointing to yes.

In retrospect, we probably should have shopped Kostitsyn at the beginning of the season when he was scoring on a nightly basis. Now I fear we will get a bag of pucks for yet another first rounder we busted on. I don’t know the stats for other teams on first-rounders that have been traded away or let go for nothing, but I am willing to bet the Habs top that list.

4- Some crazy PQ or Bloc politician will cause a firestorm when it comes to light that the Federal gov’t won’t fund a new Quebec City arena
Isn’t there always a language firestorm surrounding hockey in this province?

This really wasn’t a fair prediction to make, because it is a guaranteed event every year…I guess you can say I cheated on this one. I should note that I have not changed my stance on a Quebec City team. I don’t think it will be good for anyone except the PQ and I would much rather see the Jets back in Winnipeg. You can begin sending me hate mail now.

5- Carey Price won’t get a shutout all season
Whoops! Carey has four shutouts, good for second place in the league and tied with our good friend Jaro and some kid names Jonathan Quick :)

Price wasted no time proving me wrong on this one…guess he is a shutout goalie after all.

6- Mike Cammelleri hits the 40 goal mark
Cammelleri has 12-goals and is on pace for less than 30.

On the bright side, he has 16 assists? I think a lot of things have contributed to Cammy not scoring as much as we and he would have liked. The line changes, the up and down powerplay and the line changes. Can you blame a guy for only scoring 12-goals when he was given the task of trying to breath life into a dying Gomez and whatever spare part was on the other side?

7. Scott Gomez validates his contract
Meh..this is a tough one. Gomez has only 21 points.

Does his resurgence of late justify his contract? Does the fact that the team REALLY struggled without him in the lineup make $7-million for under 50 points a season okay? I can’t answer those questions with a resounding YES! but it is good to see him putting up points on a regular basis again.

8- Markov isn’t resigned by July 1
TBD. Markov is out of the season, if not longer.

Well this is awkward…I really didn’t foresee him getting so badly injured. And I hate to say it, but this injury could prove this horrible prediction right. I love Markov, he was the first name I put on a jersey in a long time…but I also see the Habs not risking a contract on him come July 1. It will be sad day. I hope I am proven wrong.

9- The Wild win the Latendresse/Pouliot trade
Latendresse is out for the season. Pouliot has 7 goals, 10 assists and is +1

Even before the Habs won this trade by default, Latendresse had been called out for coming into camp out of shape (again) and unprepared (again). On the other hand, Pouliot isn’t exactly lighting it up. He shows flashes of why he was picked 4th overall, but he seems destined to be a very solid 3rd liner and not the top 6 forward I am sure he was drafted to be.

10– The price of beer at the Bell Centre increases
Price was $10.50, price is now ???

You would think I would know the price of beer, but I will let you in on a secret…I often sneak in alcohol to the Bell Centre. A- I am a girl and I get away with stuff like that B- I gots bills to pay.
Regardless, this was also a bit of a cheat prediction, because as any game goer can attest to, the price of beer is ALWAYS going up at the Bell Centre. So perhaps it has gone up, I will be sure to double check when I am at the game on January 15.

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