Weekend Round up: Sens Whoppin’ and Saku’s Return

It was my favorite kind of weekend  – Friday and Saturday night hockey, coupled with a relaxing Sunday that saw me cooking a whole lot.

Poor Sens Fans

It’s rare that I genuinely pity another hockey club, but my heart goes out to all the Senator fans worldwide (though based on that performance,  I’m doubtful the Senators have a global following, let alone an Ottawa Valley following). Watching the game Friday night was reminiscent of the many games us Habs fan had to endure in the second half of the season-that-shall-not-be-named (hint: it start with a 1 and ends with 00). No effort, no will to compete.

Case in point: The sixth goal. Kostitsyn came in on the forecheck and was literally given the puck by Kuba, then passed to a totally open Plekanec, who passed to a totally open Eller and Kostitsyn was able to get to the net for the rebound. It was at the moment that I thought to myself “thank god I am not a Senators fan”.  My next thought “what has happened to Canadian hockey teams?”

Between the aloofness of Ottawa, the zero hope for a better future in Toronto, the mess in Calgary, and the tiny glimmer of youthful hope in Edmonton, the state of Canadian teams is a sad, sad affair. Thankfully all the crap is sandwiched between the best-built hockey team in the West, and the hear-attack Habs in the East.

Welcome home Saku

As some of you may remember, I was against the fixed 3-star vote, I was against a video montage, and I felt that the best way to welcome home Saku was letting the fans do their thing. Well, the fans did do their thing and I was moved to many-a tear. At which point, through tear-stained eye-glasses, I began hoping the Habs did do a video montage. I craved more Saku moments and felt the national anthem old Saku/new Saku juxtaposition just wasn’t enough. I also very quickly recanted my desire to not have him voted first star, and was online a.s.a.p. during the 3rd period making sure I got my Saku vote in.

And here’s what I don’t understand about Bell or the organization of the Montreal Canadiens…. Saku presumably had enough votes, but because Bobby Ryan got the shootout winner, he was automatically given first star.  The rules set out by Bell state that they reserve the right to award the first star to the shootout, ot, or final-minute regulation goal scorer, but reserving the right and exercising that right are two different things. At the end of the day, it is not like the”Molson Export Three Stars of the Game Presented by Bell” is actually important. Sure, the monthly winner gets their name on a pretty trophy, but in terms of NHL statistics or outcome, the value is actually zero. So why, on a night that the fans obviously wanted to see Saku first star, did they act like self-important authorities and follow the letter of the law on a self-created rule book?

Regardless, it was a wonderful sight to see Saku applauded like he was, and despite his three penalties  he played with the same heart and tenacity that Habs fans knew and loved him for. I hope he enjoyed his return to Montreal and that he will forever think of this city as home.

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