Trade Deadline Folies

I’m guilty..I pulled the trigger and then checked the source. All I saw was “#Habs have acquired Dustin Penner from #oilers for Jarred Tinordi and 1st rounder” with the name @RealKyper_

I clicked re-tweet…then, as I was listening to the radio, I realized no one else was talking about this. Hmmmm, that’s odd! So I check the account and BAM, it’s a fake, and I am a gullible little girl. What is it about Trade Deadline Day that motivates someone to:

  • Go to Twitter
  • Click SIGNUP
  • Enter all the information
  • Upload a photo

That’s four steps too many for a joke that is a little bit lame. Worst part is, this faker put out other fake trades that day, presumably trying to be very clever. I have to wonder at the motivation. It’s not as though he (or she) is getting credit for their very funny joke. I’m all for a prank, but the best part of the prank is the by-line. No by-line, don’t bother.

Maybe it’s that the culprit was as bored as I was – sitting in his or her office, radio on, praying for something, anything to happen. When nothing happened, they took the initiative to make something happen.  Maybe they thought that if they put it out there, and it got re-tweeted enough, it would be true (remember that book The Secret, if you say it aloud it will happen).

WAIT! Something did happen in Habs-Land, Ryan White is back with the bulldogs and we traded that guy we got for LaPierre for goalie Drew MacIntyre. This now means the Lapierre trade was for MacIntyre, our 5th Round pick and Mara, with J. Perrault somehow involved, but not with us. If ever there was a more boring 4-way trade involving this many picks and players, I’d love to know it.

In light of the lack of Habs trade actions, here are a few of my favourite Twitter moments from the day:

@BizNasty2point0: In case you folks are wondering I have a no movement clause, but its from the middle of the bench. #PlugLife #4Line4Life
@BizNasty2point0:Faaaaaaaaaaaaaack. Officially no single guys besides me on the coyotes. @samilepisto to columbus. And my boy @ScottieUpshall 2. #FML
@Thehabituals: I haven’t been traded yet..
@sonnyassu: Natalie Portman didn’t even thank Mila Kunis for eating her out. (not trade related, but damn funny)

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