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First off…it’s been over 2-weeks since I’ve written a post!! It’s terrible, and I blame my free trip to NYC and my new job for the delay.

However, it seems like it was all meant to be, as I have been saving all my Habs Anger (aka Habger) up  to rant about whatever that display was yesterday evening.

Perphaps there are external factors to blame, but it requires a lot to get shut-out in front of over 41,000 people. Blame the ice, blame the refs, blame our usual suspects (AK46, Gomer…we’re looking at you), but the only guilty culprit is the team.

After putting up a terrible first period, our Habs came out strong only to have their balloon burst with a shorthanded goal. A shorthanded goal hurts, but we all know this team is mentally stronger than that. It seemed like a lost game from that point on,  and I was wishing that I weren’t in a bar so I that I could channel flip and restore their mojo (don’t laugh, we all do it, and we all know it works!).

What gets me is that it looked as though the Habs didn’t understand how to play outdoor hockey. Has it been that long for them? Perhaps instead of practicing on manicured and Habs-sponsored outdoor ice, they should have came up to my neck of the woods. Laurier Park would have been a better test.

Rule #1: There’s no fancy passing in outdoor hockey. It’s a chippy game of bounces, and the Flames were better at it.

Interesting to note: Gomez yet again failed to register a shot and the Habs got shut-out. This correlation is starting to freak me right out.

Oh…and I realized I didn’t end up missing Paul Mara as much as I originally thought I would…

Coming up this week: the long anticipated PART 3 of my 10 Years Worth of Drafts

1 comment for “Morning After – Heritage Schamstic

  1. Trevor
    February 21, 2011 at 6:38 pm

    I was at the game. I paid 150$ to freeze my ass off and watch my beloved Habs get blown out. It was embarassing.

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