Nos Canadiens is no 24/7….

I read a Gazette article this morning by Brendan Kelly on the Bell TV Series, Nos Canadiens. The article itself made me reflect on the mere two episodes I have watched, and not really enjoyed. Firstly, as a Bell Subscriber there was the drama of trying to actually watch the show when it was airing exclusively for Bell customers –you may remember my rant from way back in December.

Now that the show is on RDS, I set my PVR and was finally able to watch the Darche and Price episodes. Perhaps it is because I was treated to the excellent 4-episode series of HBO’s 24/7 Pens vs Caps: Road to the Classic, but Nos Canadiens is about as entraining and insightful as last night’s Super Bowl half-time show – all the glitter and build up for a sub-par product. A contrived long-form advertisement is really what the show is. The show’s host, Anne-Marie Withenshaw, talks more than the featured player and  pre-arranged activities, in pre-arranged locations are the viewer’s “inside-view”.

To be honest, the lives of players outside of the rink does not actually interest me. I don’t care what Price’s hobbies are, or that he is just about to move from the Old Port to wherever. I am not a stalker – I’m not looking to be friends with these men. I’m a hockey fan, and this is where I think the series went wrong. Bell and the Montreal Canadiens assumed that because this city loved their team, we cared about their hobbies. And while it is interesting to note that Carey is an avid bowler, it’s not where I would focus 30 minutes of air time.

I want more hockey, more hockey access, and insider look at how the best in the game prepare to play the game. I want to have Jacques Martin mic’d while he runs his practise. I want to hear the players between periods pumping each other up. The Habs are always talking about their “leadership core”, let’s see that core in action. In essence, I want HBO’s 24/7 for Montreal.

In all likelyhood, I’ll probably watch the rest of the Nos Canadiens episodes, but my enjoyment factor will hover around a mediocre 4 on 10.

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