Wild Night in the NHL

I could talk about the Habs 3-2 win over the Panthers, but being at the game was tortuous enough, I don’t want to re-live the chippiest, unflow-y game ever.

There were far more interesting story lines last night. Firstly, Brent Johnson KO on DiPietro.

I read this quote from Brent Johnson on PuckDaddy “I had a couple fights in the minors and a lot in Juniors, but this is the first opportunity I’ve had and being up 3-0 and seeing [Dipietro] come out and hit one of our guys, so not a better opportunity than that and I jumped at it.”

So basically, Brent Johnson has been waiting his entire career for an opportunity like this – awesome.

Next on the agenda of Way More Interesting Things Than the Habs Game: Johan Franzen scored FIVE goals last night…FIVE! That’s ridiculous. Do you know how many times an NHLer has scored five goals in a single game?  44 times! Which in retrospect is actually quite a bit, and takes the wind out of my enthusiasm just a tad.  None the less, check out the video below. Franzen’s fifth goal is an empty netter, so not as awesome as Brent Johnson’s one punch knock-out, but still very cool.

Other fun five goal facts:

  • Joe Malone scored five goals five times, he also scored an NHL record seven goals in 1920
  • No one, since Darryl Sittler in 1976, has scored more than five goals in a game. He scored six
  • Lemieux and Gretzky have each have scored five goals in a game, four times.

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