Morning After – Whole Lotta’ Hart

I just got back from the Irish Embassy St-Paddy’s breakfast and had a few Irish coffees. It’s not even 8:30 am, and I would like to go back to bed and click restart.

That being said, I am still feeling the electricity of last night’s win. Maybe it’s because I had pvr’d the game and got to watch the entire thing commercial free, but that was one of the more exciting games of the season.

A few points from last night:

  • Subban/LeCavalier
    Here’s proof that I am not a total homer… I don’t agree with the decision to throw LeCavalier out. The whole play started with Vinny being slew footed by PK. Then their was a lot of shoving both way. As LeCavalier was coming around the net, Subban slashed hard first, and LeCavalier retaliated. I think both should have had 5-minute majors. I love the way Subban plays, but I hope he eliminates the slew-foot from his game. It’s not the first time I see him do that.
  • Michael Cammalleri
    He was invisible all night, then he scores the shootout winner, so he gets the automatic first star. I’ve posted this before, but that note in Bell’s voting rules is actually just a suggestion.  In this case, Cammy was more of a 3rd star…if that.
  • Pouliot
    Just as I was about to note down that I liked Pouliot’s energy, he goes and takes the worst penalty of the 2010/2011 season. WTF was that? First of all, from what I saw, Dominic Moore had nothing to do with the uncalled interference penalty in the Tampa zone, so why the late hit on him? Dumb dumb dumb…and it gave Tampa a point.
  • 12 Short Handed Goals against Tampa Bay
    I was watching the TSN-A broadcast of the game, and Mike Johnson mentioned that the Lightning had been scored on 11 times with the man-advantage. As he finishes the sentence, our speedy little Gionta beat their speedy little St-Louis for goal #12. That’s a lot of allowed short-handed goals. Perhaps Boucher’s innovative powerplay should ease up a bit. Just like Pouliot’s play, that goal gave us a point (well two, since we won the game)
  • Dawes and Palushaj
    Good for them! Great game for both call-ups. When Dawes came out as the first shooter, I was a tad surprised. Surprise was suppressed fairly quickly.

Not even going to mention Carey Price, because his excellence is getting increasingly boring to write about :)

Quick note about my blog: I have start writing for The Checking Line,  so I will start posting my Morning After game roundups there. But I will continue to post Habs and hockey stories here. Confusing? Probably…but just follow me on Twitter and you’ll learn when what blog is updated.

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