Tiger Blood and Winning

Here’s my theory – Max Pacioretty got hit in the ribs with a Wisniewski point shot, and  the image him being rolled out in a stretcher with an IV drip scared us all. BUT…do you know what was in that IV bag? I’ll tell you what it was…Tiger blood, sent directly from Charlie Sheen’s personal stock.

Once injected with tiger blood, it was inevitable that MaxPac would start winning.

Is there a guy on the Habs roster who not only has size, but speed, hands, and a shot? I remember two seasons ago, I went to the Habs preseason training at Pierrefonds Quatre Glace. It was the first time I saw Pacioretty play, and I was blown away. I am no scout, and I don’t usually get excited over prospects, but in that training camp I saw what a power forward is. Sadly, it disappeared for a season or two, but his steady diet of Tiger Blood has brought that guy from training camp back.

Okay…maybe it isn’t Tiger Blood and Adonis DNA…maybe it’s actually just good old-fashioned confidence. The adage of “develop prospects in the AHL” rings true yet again. (see: Plekanec, Thomas).

And now a little love for Bob: Do you know what my favourite Habs trade of recent memory is? Rivet for Gorges and the Sharks 1st round pick (hello Max). I think it is safe to say we won that trade…

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