What Now?

Tonight the Habs are in St-Louis. Who didn’t have this circled on their calendar? The story line was supposed to be “Halak vs Price”, but we all know that G-rated hook has been horribly replaced by Pacioretty/Chara.

Over/Under on media questions regarding the Price/Halak vs. the Pacioretty story?

Things that make me proud to be a Quebecer, a hockey fan and a Habs fan:

  • If the NHL doesn’t think that Chara was negligent, at least our government does
  • Air Canada threatning to pull sponsorship. True story: money speaks louder then a neck breaking against a steel post
  • Support we are showing for our fallen player

To all the people hating on Habs fans for being outraged:  Of course we will be more vocal when one of our own gets hurt… That doesn’t take away from Savard, from Crosby, or from any other horrible hit the NHL failed to punish. It just means that we are human, and when something hits closer to home we will react.

Going to keep this post short today because I am sure there will be a ton to write about tomorrow….

On a lighter note…I apologize for my hacked up photoshop Frankenjersey…but I simply could not resist!

4 comments for “What Now?

  1. March 11, 2011 at 4:47 pm

    Ya..the outcome yesterday was inevitable, and I don’t think anyone would blame the team for coming out a little flat.

    Here’s hoping Saturday works out better (ugh I hate afternoon games!)

    • Daniel
      March 14, 2011 at 1:05 pm

      Hi Steph,

      Since first visiting here (unfortunately due to a bad hockey incident), I have read alot of the things that you have posted on your blog. I don’t ALWAYS agree with you, but you definately have skill when it comes to putting your thoughts into words. So, if I agree 90% of the time, 50% of the time, or 99.9% of the time, thus far it has been a 100% entertaining read.

      I noticed on your ‘About’ link that you worked as marketing and communications director (somewhere in MTL). Based on that, I have a few questions, not directly about hockey, but hockey related.

      1. After recent (somewhat quiet) uproar over this Saturdays Coaches Corner, do you think that the CBC should present a disclaimer prior to that segment? I.E: The following opinions do not reflect the opinions of the CBC?

      2. If you were dealing with a client, that felt that they had been insulted by comments made by a company/individual, what would you do?

      I understand that alot of people may see these questions as ‘veiled’, or borderline entrapment, but I am curious about your response to question 1. I am INTRIGUED by what your response would be to question 2, if you took hockey and recent events out of the equation.

      Look forward to your next blog!

      • March 14, 2011 at 1:23 pm

        Hope I can answer your questions:

        1- Putting that disclaimer in is a cop-out. By hiring Cherry, CBC is asking him to represent their channel. If they didn’t want Cherry to represent them, then he shouldn’t be on air. To me, that disclaimer is reserved for callers to radio shows, emails read out loud, or other content that isn’t solicited and paid for by the CBC.

        2- This is a hard question since I don’t do much consulting. I work for a company and worry about their image only. BUT… if there were bad press for my company, first I would take into account the source of the comment, and then the issue they are criticizing. It is hard to give an exact answer, because to me it is situational. BUT, to bring hockey back into it…If I worked for the NHL’s mark/comm department, I would not be sleeping based on Gary Bettman’s comments about his sponsors, the fans, etc.. It’s a nightmare and I don’t know how they are going to clean up his image, or if he is even open to listening to his mark/comm department. I have a feeling he doesn’t interact with them very often :)

        Glad you found my blog and you enjoy reading it. I try and post a couple times a week.

  2. Daniel
    March 11, 2011 at 10:30 am

    Loved the photoshop job! Whether it’s important or not, I lean to the left of that creation. Just saying…..

    That was a tough game last night, but I’m not exactly surprised by the outcome. I say this not because I believe it was a Price-Halak battle that I’m not surprised with the result, but rather that it was the first game after a major controversy. On the road. The Habs ran out of gas, IMO mentally drained.

    St.Louis, although I believe to now be on the outside looking in playoff wise, are a fast skating and skilled team, that play in a tough western Conference. Had things been different this week, I still would not have bet the house on a Habs victory.

    There will obviously continue to be great debate over the Pacioretty/Chara incident, as should be the case. But in an imperfect world, the Habs need to concentrate on Saturday vs. the Pens.

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