A Hockey Prayer for Game 6

A funny story happened on the way to Game 6 –  firstly, I didn’t think it would happen and secondly, a couple of my friends had a minor ticket mix-up. They had bought tickets to “Match 3 à domicile”. They thought it meant Game #3, the ticket-checker at the Bell Centre let them in on the secret that it meant Game #6.

The point is, when they came to the bar to watch the game after being turned away from the Bell Centre, I told them that they actually lucked out, since there likely wouldn’t be a Game#6, and their tickets would be used in Round 2.

Well here we are.. the eve of Game 6, elimination looming.

I’m not a religious-lady, but when it comes to playoff hockey, I find myself praying to the hockey gods (got to make sure I address the prayer to a hockey god, I fear the other types of gods may have their plates full, what with tsunami’s, murderous dictators, and the such..)

So here is my prayer, one of many hockey/Habs versions that surely exist:

Lord Stanley, who art in Toronto
Champagne fill ye cup
Thy Habs will come, the Bruins shall be done
In the playoffs, just like in the regular season
Give us this evening, our Game 6 win
And forgive us defensive lapses, and we won’t forgive those who defensively lapse against us
And lead us not into pre-mature o-lé-ing
but deliver us from overtime (with a win)


I shall now repeat this prayer, while counting hockey pucks on a string until tomorrow evening. When the Habs come out with a 3-2 win, you can send me a thank-you card.


1 comment for “A Hockey Prayer for Game 6

  1. Trevor
    April 25, 2011 at 11:25 pm

    I’m normally not praying man either, but if you’re up there superman, please injure Chara or Marchand. Thank you.

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