Should he stay or should he go?!

Darling you got to let me know
Should he stay or should he go?

It’s May 2, I’ve voted, I’ve filed my taxes on time, and America found their villain. But what is actually on my mind is July 1 and what the Habs should do. My priorities are completely out of whack.

For those of you who are not obsessively playing around with rosters, I suggest you visit It’s basically the best site around when it comes to pretending to be a GM.

Here’s what I got… take a look, and I will give my explanations below, because I know what I’ve done will irk a lot of people.


Andrei Kostisyn (RFA): I’ve brought back AK46 at slightly less then he is making now. For all his sleepy days, when the giant awakes, he is a force…a force that I can’t see being replaced internally or with other UFA’s for that price.

Max Pacioretty (RFA): I’ve given Max a raise from his $910,000. He is just an RFA, he had a great, albeit short season, so the Habs can use that as leverage when it comes to negotiating. 1.5-million for three years, and if Max produces, he will have a big pay day then (plus the Habs will have the salary room, because Gomez will be off the books).

Jeff Halpern (UFA): Who else on the current Habs roster can win face-offs? No one. So a slight raise from his 600K, and another 1 year deal. To me, it’s better for the room to keep things constant, and Halpern has a skill set that we need, plus he’s cheap.

Darche, Desharnais, White (RFAs): Slight raises for all three. I don’t want Darche to go the way of Metropolit or Moore. He’s a serviceable forward, keeps his mouth shut and does his job. On a team with inflated salaries in the top 6, a guy like Darche is invaluable. As for the other two, they are young and have potential. Two-way contracts, and let them proove they need to be up in the big leagues.

I left Pyatt out. He’s an RFA, sign him to a two-way, but I don’t see him up with the Habs next year.


I know what you are all thinking: There’s no way what I have on paper would ever work. But to you I say “why not!”. Let me explain:

James Wisniewski: Yes, he is due for a big pay day…but Shea Weber makes 4.5-million. This was Wiz’s first big point year, so unlike a Markov, or Visnovsky, there’s no history. 4.5-million is a fair offer, but I am sure he could get more on the open market. I’m just offering up what I think the Habs should do with their UFA’s, RFA’s and their tight cap.

Andrei Markov: All this talk of Wiz or Markov, when I say, let’s keep them both! Markov is not looking for more money, so offer him his current salary, and give him the damn 3-year term he wants. If he gets injured, his salary is off the books anyway. If he doesn’t get hurt, then we have an enviable defensive corps.

Hal Gill: This is a MUST sign… When Gill signed here, he chose Montreal because of the 2-year contract. He is looking for stability, not more money. I shaved 500k off his salary, but I would offer him another 2-years. His leadership, and his tutelage of Subban is irreplaceable. For too long the Habs have let their young prospects float around without a mentor. We finally have a genuine star and a player who wants to fill the role of mentor… Subban needs Gill to flourish… I will start flipping tables if the Habs let him walk.

Josh Gorges: $3-million is a nice bump from his current salary. He is an RFA. $3-million for 3 years is a very good offer. Gorges is better penalty killer than Sopel, and frankly, I trust him more in 5 on 5 situations.

Let Sopel, Hamrlik, and Mara walk. Extend RFA’s Weber and Picard two-way contracts. They are serviceable call-ups.


Alex Auld: Same price, same term. He does his job, let’s Price does his. I see no reason to change this up.

As you can see, the lineup doesn’t change very much. That’s because I believe we have a good team… the additions of Markov and Gorges are huge. Pacioretty gives us a rounded top 6. There’s nothing we can do about the Gomez contract. If there was a way to get rid of Gomez, I would sign UFA Brooks Laich, and let Eller or Desharnais fight for the top 6 Center position.


In the meantime, how badly do you wish the Habs had advanced past Boston? The Caps are again having a hard time and I would have loved to see the Habs play them in this second round.


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