2011/2012 Habs Season Predictions


Been a long time since I’ve written a post…an awkward amount of time actually. My excuses are feeble and few. In the summer I focus on tennis and softball and not on writing a blog. Then before I knew it training camp was over and the Habs are playing their first game tomorrow!

What will my first post be? How about some season predictions, if only because I like to look back at the end of the year and see how many I got wrong. First though, a little side-blog plug. This season I’ll also be writing for a new Habs blog called the Montreal Bias. I’ll try and not be repetitive in my posts between the two.

Without further ado – my predictions (they are not all Habs-centric however):

1- The Alexei Yemlin project takes a nasty turn when he pulls a midnight-run back to Russia.
I liked the idea of Yemlin over here, but as we’ve all noticed he’s having a tough time and I just don’t feel he has the patience to re-learn the game. I can’t blame him. If you told me to move to Russia to work at a company as their marketing director, but then when I arrived the only other English speaker was on sick leave – I’d feel alone. AND then, some Swiss guy comes in and demotes me to coordinator? Thank you very much but I can ply my trade for more money back home.

2- The amount of Shanaisms will out number the suspensions he dolls out by the end of the season
Do I think players will finally get it? Or do I perhaps just feel the writers at Puck Daddy are just that good at combining “Shana” with an array of discipline oriented words. So far I’ve counted NINE suspensions, and FOUR Shanaisms (Shanavisions, Shanabanned, Shanahammer, Shanaban).

3- Carey Price plays 65 games, Budaj loses 12 games.
I have concerns about Peter Budaj, and I still cannot understand why we didn’t re-sign Auld. I was at the Tampa Bay exhibition game in Montreal. I probably yelled “It’s in front of you!!!” on five separate occasions. I’m no expert, but one would think that knowing the location of the puck is high up on the “desirable skills for a goaltender” list.

4- Markov returns to the ice in late November…
…and doesn’t get hurt. Again.

5- Gomez outpoints Plekanec
Whaaaat? Yes, I said it. And Pleks is probably one of my favorite players. I’m just being SUPER optimistic because I want Plekanec to have a 60-70 point year, and so Gomez will have an 80 point year.

6- Kostitsyn goes through a 15 game point streak, we fall in love with him, and then he doesn’t get on the scoresheet for 20 games. We beg for a trade. At the end of the season he is re-signed for the same money/term.
Oh wait..that was last year, and the year before, and the year before that.

7- Erik Cole never scores a goal against Carolina
Isn’t that just exactly what’s going to happen? He’ll  probably not even register an assist. Carolina will call it “sweet justice”, Habs fans will call it “our fate”.

8- Sean Avery gets called up from Rangers AHL affiliates for 24/7
Because frankly, that’s someone I want to watch on TV and I’m saddened by the fact that he was sent down.

9 – 6 players on the Habs hit 20 goals
And Desharnais is one of them.  I love having a team of several 20-goal scorers, as opposed to having one 40-goal scorer.

10- Sharks vs Habs, Stanley Cup Final
Those are my two teams – I had to predict them in the final. Oh-oh, I hope I didn’t just jinx it.

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