Habs First Five

I mentioned in one of my earlier posts that I reserve judgement until the 5th game mark. Well, that game came and went last night, and I am left to analyze a 1-3-1 record.

That is not what I was hoping to do.

The problem with being 1-3-1, despite the solid performance against Buffalo last night, is that now the Habs are in a hole –they are in dig-out mode. It will take 3 consecutive wins to be above .500 and looking at the schedule in the next few week, that is harder than scoring on the open side with Miller in nets.

I’ll format this post like I format a staff evaluation, i.e. some good, some bad, and then back to the good, aka a crap sandwich.

Some Good

  • Max Pacioretty: Easily the most dangerous player on the Habs, each time he steps on the ice. Putting him with Desharnais and Kostitsyn has been a joy to watch. I am all for veteran presence, but nothing beats watching young kids buzz and succeed. I have Max-Pac in one of my fantasy pools, and he’s basically keeping me afloat right now (doesn’t say much for my other picks does it?!).
  • Lars Eller: Only 3-games, but he is way more confident out of the gate in comparison to last year
  • No one’s been injured in 3-games…(knock on wood)
  • Team looked real good against Buffalo.

Some Bad

  • No wins at home: Nothing kills team spirit like an 0-3 home record.
  • Erik Cole: Guy’s gotta start doing SOMETHING. I know he’s been more of a  “force” in the last few games, but I want to see a couple goals out of him – soon.
  • Gomez: Remember in the pre-season when he scored 3-goals in 3-games. Remember when we thought “oh! It is a NEW Scott”.  Remember when I predicted he’d get more points the Plekanec? Oops! Right now, I just see the same guy skating into the offensive zone, appearing to get lost, making a blind pass or shooting from that terrible angle he seems to like. I hope I eat my words.
  • The power play…but don’t we always say that at the beginning of the season?
  • We didn’t resign Halpern, then we kind of got Blair Betts, then had to give him back. We do not have a solid 4th line center. You know? That guy that wins the face-off in your own zone in the dying seconds of a period and perhaps prevents a late goal (ahem…Buffalo’s 2nd goals last night).

More Good

  • One day soon, we will have a complete roster. I am on the side of the argument that believes the early injuries have hurt the Habs. Yes, even Spacek.
  • Habs haven’t give away a 2nd round pick (yet).
  • Movember is fast approaching. The Habs love Movember. I love Movember. Not only do the Habs play some of their best hockey, but they also display some of their best facial hair.

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