Morning After: Oh ya…the preseason is over!

Maple Leafs Komiserik checks Canadiens Gomez during their NHL hockey game in Toronto

REUTERS/Mark Blinch

Doesn’t that photo just say it all?

  • Leafs were on top
  • The Habs look like a group of children (no offence to children)
  • Manhandled
  • Komisarek looked like Komisarek from 2007/2008
  • …and the puck isn’t in the net

I like to watch hockey, not because I believe it is some world-changing event – but because it’s fun. I did not have fun last night. I started off excited, then felt frustration with every missed opportunity in the 1st periode, to finding myself discussing how I’d like to learn more about football in the third.

That was an anti-climatic start to a season. There are many questions I have, but I will wait 10-games to see if they still need to be posed.  It was one game, a brutal game, but one game none-the-less.

I will say this though…those boys better come out with some fire on Sunday evening. Winnipeg is in a frenzy, and if the Habs display that same lackadaisical attitude, they are going to get stomped.

One quick note to Leafs fans:  I would hold-off on those parade plans. I believe you started 4-0 last year –  and we all know how well that turned out for you.

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