Morning After: Sucking BJ’s?

My post title is crass…I know. Just note that I could have gone further.

I play in a head to head fantasy hockey league. At this point, there’s been enough match-ups to know who the strong team and the weak teams are. When I get matched up against a weaker team, it’s pretty much guaranteed my team will win. But I guess that’s why it’s Fantasy Hockey, because last night’s reality taught me that when the Habs play a weaker team nothing is guranteed.

Let’s keep this in point form:

  • If Alexei Emelin were a Facebook status I’d “like” him
    (or I could just write in my blog that I really liked Emelin’s play last night…)
  • Fun fact: The Habs have lost 4 times in the shoot-out – had they won them, they would currently be in 6th place
  • I can go further. Though playing the “what-if” game leads nowhere but frustrations. The Habs gave a point to conference opponents (see Toronto, Sabres and Hurricane), by not closing the deal in the 3rd period.
  • Just when I am ready to write off the game, the captain scores and makes me hopeful. In fact, I fear he made everyone hopeful, including Mr. Jaques Martin. I don’t want Martin to be hopeful, I want him desolate.
  • Remember when Perry Pearn was fired as the sacrificial lamb? Gauthier promised out of the box thinking and a change in the current processes? Is thinking outside the box keeping Louis Leblanc for a home game, and then nailing him to the bench for all but 55 minutes?
  • Thinking outside the box would have meant giving Leblanc a crack at the shootout. That point was stolen, not deserved, so why not go wild and give the hometown boy the spotlight. The worst that could have happened? He doesn’t score. The best that could have happened? He scores,  gives the unhappy crowd some justification for their money, and then goes down to Hamilton with a little swagger in his step.
When Jacques Martin and Pierre Gauthier are eventually asked to leave, can we all agree on the “best man (or woman!) for the job”? I don’t hear Quebec crying about Marc Trestman, and last time I checked, the Alouettes have 8 Grey Cup Final appearances in the last 10 years. The Habs got to the Eastern Conference Finals…. once. And it was on the back of a goalie playing lights out.

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